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period 4 days late

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MissMooMoo Fri 29-Mar-19 07:41:20

I have been NTNP for a few months, I have 1 ds already.

Period was due 4 days ago and is a no show. Tests are negative apart from a very faint line that I got yesterday afternoon on a poundshop test,extremely faint.

Tried a digital test with FMU today as I thought by 4 days late it would say yes or no.

Where on earth is my period? I am usually very regular. I have not been using opks as trying to just go with the flow this time for a few months to see how it goes.
With ds I knew I was pregnant before my period was due,extremely sore boobs and very dark test lines a few days before I was due on.

kell2126 Fri 29-Mar-19 09:39:24

I am in the same boat! Currently 16dpo with no af and bfns except for a faint positive on a frer on Tuesday evening (13dpo - photo attached). I’m wondering if I’m having a chemical?

Have you been spotting at all? I have the last couple of days but only when I wipe (tiny occasional spot in pantyliner) and mostly brown (occasional pink or red).

Can you get hold of a frer to try? Prob more sensitive than a digi?

GreyC Fri 29-Mar-19 22:34:45

My period is also late and no positive test at all. Took a frer this afternoon (not ideal time) but in some lights it looks like a teeny line and others nothing. Just needs to sort itself out. We are being referred for fertility treatment aswell so this is so torture having a late period but not a blooming positive test!

MissMooMoo Sat 30-Mar-19 18:40:09

I had a bit of spotting early in the week,just a small amount of pink blood once when I wiped ,thats it.
No positive test still. 6 days since period was meant to arrive.
This is very strange! Wondering if maybe I am having a longer cycle this month and ovulated a week later than usual.

MissMooMoo Tue 02-Apr-19 14:46:23

Period arrived overnight, a whole week late!
Its quite heavy and I suspect it was a chemical pregnancy.
Oh well! Onto the next cycle

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