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clearblue fertility monitor

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jiggsymalone Thu 28-Mar-19 23:35:20

Has anyone used the Clearblue Fertility Monitor? How did you find it? Is it worth it?

Been TTC a while with no joy and wondering if this would help us track best timings etc.

Yakadee Fri 29-Mar-19 02:45:33

I really liked them. We conceived on our second month.

In my first month I got a lot of flashing smileys but think I started testing too early.

In the second month, I used a mixture of cheaper tests too, as I could use them first and when line started to show / get a little darker I started to use the CB ones.

Have you tried preseed? You might not need this but it we used it in our second month for the first time and got bfp. It's quite pricey but was worth a go. (Obviously could all have just been a coincidence).

Good luck x

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