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Implant Out!

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Bethy1995 Thu 28-Mar-19 17:08:38

Hi ladies, me and my husband to be have made the decision to have my implant out (booked for 9th may soonest i could get) so my question is for ladies that have been in a similar situation how long did it take you to conceive after having it removed?

Rtmhwales Thu 28-Mar-19 17:10:40

My sister conceived within a week of it being out and had a healthy pregnancy. My best friend after her first period (within a month) and my work colleague after three months or so. All three successful pregnancies despite them reading horror stories online that most first pregnancies after implant removal ended in miscarriage hmm

We talked about this a lot as I got pregnant with the implant still in. Hope that helps.

Bethy1995 Thu 28-Mar-19 17:13:39

Wow! Yeah that definately helped thank you it's put my mind at ease that I won't have to wait years ttc x

Elmo311 Thu 28-Mar-19 17:21:50

Took it out in July, positive pregnancy test sept 3rd! Good luck smile

Bethy1995 Thu 28-Mar-19 17:24:08

Thank you! I will keep you all updated along the way 😊

LittleKitty1985 Thu 28-Mar-19 17:28:30

6 months

Hall84 Thu 28-Mar-19 20:08:43

I've just had my implant out on Monday so fingers crossed. Good luck smile

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