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Line Eyes please... I think I see something

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agteacht Thu 28-Mar-19 07:35:09

Ladies this is my FRER from this morning, there is a second line there but it's so so faint. TTC for nearly 18 months so this is my first positive FRER, I'm hoping this faint is still okay?? Can only be max 9dpo. DH is questioning if it counts if it's this faint! Will hold my breath over next few days but maybe after long last we're there ❤️

Theyellowsquare Thu 28-Mar-19 07:36:26

I see it without too much difficulty at all.

TillyTheTiger Thu 28-Mar-19 07:37:28

That looks pretty clear to me, especially for 9dpo, I didn't get a positive until 11dpo. Congratulations!

agteacht Thu 28-Mar-19 07:53:10

Oh thank you both. I really hope so. Will order a load of tests and hold my breath. This will be our first if it works out, but we had a miscarriage at 8 weeks many months ago so it's really nerve wracking to think this could be positive. X

ALittleBitofVitriol Thu 28-Mar-19 07:55:02

It looks good to me!

thepowerofthreedcs Thu 28-Mar-19 07:55:44

Yep! My one of those is now 4.5 years old. Congratulations thanks

limesoda Thu 28-Mar-19 08:45:20

I see it and I am universally crap at seeing lines. Congratulations!

agteacht Thu 28-Mar-19 19:53:32

Thank you all so much
Here's hoping x

Bigonesmallone3 Thu 28-Mar-19 19:59:55

No hoping about it love.. that's a positive test!

agteacht Thu 28-Mar-19 20:20:56

Aw you're so nice @Bigonesmallone3 thank you. It's been a really long journey here x

ducksandacorns Thu 28-Mar-19 20:39:08

What a lovely line!

ColdCrumpetsandButter Thu 28-Mar-19 20:52:56

Crystal clear and that's without my specs! Congratulations.

Yakadee Fri 29-Mar-19 02:47:44

Congratulations, no difficulty in seeing that one! 🎉

Desmondo2016 Fri 29-Mar-19 08:49:51

Yep a clear positive!

Sexnotgender Fri 29-Mar-19 08:50:49

Nowt faint about that!

Congratulations flowers

agteacht Fri 29-Mar-19 19:39:52

Thank you all, a stronger line today 🤞❤️

resipsa Fri 29-Mar-19 19:41:45


DramaAlpaca Fri 29-Mar-19 19:45:31

I didn't even need to zoom in on that. Congratulations!

agteacht Sun 31-Mar-19 08:33:40

Thank you both. Finally confirmed with a digital! Have included internet cheapie in pic too as line barely there - just proves they are useless until much later, I've spent months using them, not sure why now!!! 😂

Aph413 Sun 31-Mar-19 08:37:14

Congratulations. I've always found the cheap ones useless too, glad I also used a first response at first

agteacht Sun 31-Mar-19 12:01:17

Aw congrats @Aph413
How far along are you?

Aph413 Sun 31-Mar-19 13:15:20

@agteacht 6 weeks and 2 days today. Those tests were taken 3 days after my period was late just for reference on that cheap one.

agteacht Sun 31-Mar-19 13:18:09

Oh thank you! That would be Thursday for me so will compare then!

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