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Not TTC but need advice.

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Yakadee Thu 28-Mar-19 16:50:33

At least you weren't waiting long to find out x

Eseld93 Thu 28-Mar-19 16:31:26

Period is here now, thanks for the help

Yakadee Thu 28-Mar-19 15:57:41

Maybe you're right. Unfortunately it's a waiting game 😩

Eseld93 Thu 28-Mar-19 15:38:34

Another negative, and still no period.
Getting the pulling cramps a bit today.
I maybe just late? No stress or anything lately.

Yakadee Thu 28-Mar-19 01:22:13

Maybe try a frer, I've always found them to be reliable. Think asda sells them.

Good luck - I hope it's the result you really want x

Eseld93 Wed 27-Mar-19 23:19:16

Okay, I think I might have to buy another one tomorrow.
Yes and no, it's lovely to have another child but it's not planned. It's expensive and I would be worried what my family thought/ mental health.

Yakadee Wed 27-Mar-19 20:30:35

Unfortunately the only way you can really know for sure is if you get af or a positive test.

Before I got my bfp I was sure af was about to start and sure boobs is what gave the game away!

Would a positive result be something you'd be pleased about? X

Eseld93 Wed 27-Mar-19 20:16:09

My period is only a day late, but these past few days I have been having sore breasts, pulling cramps and backache. Like I'm about to start my period.
I DTD four days after my app said that I was ovulating. Unless I ovulated later than I thought.
I took a pregnancy test and it said not pregnant.
The test is possibly a few years old and has been lying around in my house for maybe 3 years from try for my first son.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I don't post that often.

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