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TTC with PCO, 5days late and bfn all around

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Squirelbanana Tue 26-Mar-19 18:46:39

Hi all,
I am in need of help, symphathy, advice or similar experiences smile

I've been ttc for a year now and no luck so far. I have very irregular periods and am doing opk tests for the last 7-8 months and sometimes pick up ovulation LH peak, other times not.
I had a spike in LH in day 15 of my cycle this month and took apropriate action.
It is now day 36 in my cycle and no AF yet. I would leave this as normal with my very irregular periods if it wasn't for my visit to the infertility clinic on day 31 and the results of the scan.

At the appointment doctor found that I have PCO but not PCOS as my bloodwork was normal. She explained that it's the possible reason for my irregular cycles as I've only ovulated about 6-7 times past year. She judged this on my cycle lenghts which I track (cycles between 22 and 35 days are usualy the ovulatory ones, shorter or longer aren't).

On the scan the doctor also saw a Corpus Lutheum and remarked that I have definetely ovulated this month. As the appointment was on day 31 of my cycle and it was the day that AF was meant to arrive, the doctor strongly sugguested for me to take another hpt a week later (I had done one that morning and it was a bfn).
I did 2 more hpt in the following few days and all bfn. No AF at day 36 and having some symptoms (nausea for a few days but stoped, lower back pain, fatigue, some light cramps) and I am going crazy. It is taking all my power of self control to not constantly take tests.

Is there anyone else on here with PCO but no PCOS? Or anyone that had Corpus Lutheum detetcted but bfn consistenly? Anyone with similar experiences?
Testing again tomorrow.
(Appologies for long and complicated story, this is my first time posting)

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