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Where is AF?!

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stitchwitch84 Mon 25-Mar-19 20:18:35

She was due on Saturday. Still hasn't put in an appearance! I'm temping and my BBT dropped Sat (usually predicts period starting), rose Sunday (definitely not usual) but then dropped below coverline again this morning. I'm fully expecting AF any minute as I don't feel the slightest bit pregnant (BFN this afternoon too), but I'm getting really fed up now - this is a tortuous wait.

Where is she??

Samind Mon 25-Mar-19 20:20:40

I didn't feel pregnant either til I was in third trimester 😂 nothing bar a period that never showed up! If it was implantation etc it may take longer for HCG levels to come up or it might just be an off month. Fingers crossed for the outcome you want OP.

stitchwitch84 Tue 26-Mar-19 10:45:22

Thanks @Samind. I'm just so frustrated! Husband and I are desperate to get pregnant but this doesn't feel like it. Last time (MC) felt very different.
Hey ho! Patience required.

Samind Tue 26-Mar-19 10:54:49

Have you tested again today?

stitchwitch84 Tue 26-Mar-19 11:21:53

No, can't face the disappointment if it's BFN and no tests left anyway. I'm turning my frustration to good use by uprooting some seriously tenacious weeds from the garden (and going to the toilet every half an hour to see whether AF is here yet 😆)

Thank you for being so kind, and I'm sorry for the whinging! I'm just so wound up about it because I can't risk getting my hopes up, it's too destructive when it turns out I'm not pregnant every month.

Samind Tue 26-Mar-19 13:24:21

I have someone in my circle going through the same thing! So talk away as much as you like and need to.

How are you feeling? Cramps or any usual aunt flow syntpoms?

stitchwitch84 Tue 26-Mar-19 14:34:20

Nope. No PMS symptoms and no pregnancy symptoms either. Just a decreased BBT and no AF! I am hopeful that she'll start today - I just want the wait over with.

Samind Wed 27-Mar-19 12:47:18

How you getting on OP?

stitchwitch84 Wed 27-Mar-19 21:29:53

She's arrived. I spent last night crying my eyes out. Poor DH!

Thanks for the support though :-)

Samind Thu 28-Mar-19 00:34:14

Awe no I'm sorry to hear that! Must of been awful given that change in your symptoms. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you for next month 💞

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