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Please explain OPKs to me?

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jpaws Mon 25-Mar-19 08:19:27

So this is my first cycle of trying the OPKs - I got some off Amazon (one step) - and I was just wondering if when it is positive does that mean I am due to ovulate or that I already have? Today is the first day I’ve actually got a faint test line so still classed as negative according to the packaging.

Thanks for any replies!

Floofboopsnootandbork Mon 25-Mar-19 08:43:53

Test twice a day 10 hours apart. The line has to be the same darkness or darker than the control line for it to be positive. Once you get a positive you ovulate within the next 30 hours I think. It’s also possible to miss your surge and not get a positive at all if it happens over night or during the 10 hours in between so once you start getting lines even if they’re negative still start bedding for the next few days.

I’ve used them for ages and I still don’t 100% understand.

jpaws Mon 25-Mar-19 10:35:25

Ah thanks! I had only been doing once a day in the evening and thought I’d try this morning. So I’ll do evening again today and then morning etc. Thanks for your help smile

NannyPear Mon 25-Mar-19 10:46:54

I usually did one a day, early afternoon, until the line started to get a little darker (or until I was coming up to the day I usually got a positive) then would do two - one early afternoon and one late evening. I had quick surges and the line got darker quite quickly, rather than a gradual increase over a number of days, so sometimes you do need to be careful not to miss it. It's tricky at first but you'll find a pattern soon! You aren't supposed to use fmu for the one step tests I will say. I ovulated 2 days after a positive opk (I temped to confirm), 12-36 hours is average I think.

Good luck OP smile

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