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Ovulation experts question

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Michellebops Sun 24-Mar-19 15:54:02

Help this naive mum

Got a smiley opk on clearblue on Thursday evening.

Friday night was negative

Aware of increase cm but would say it was ewcm.
Lower abdominal pain Friday night/Saturday morning so assumed that was me actually ovulating

This afternoon I now have lots of ewcm along with lower cramps.

Does this mean I am ovulating now? Or could it have been Friday night/Saturday morning.


Yakadee Mon 25-Mar-19 03:17:58

It's really hard to say. From what you've said it sounds like it was earlier, however I would be dtd just in case (although I'm sure you'd have caught it anyway - I would just have to, to make sure),

Good luck x

Michellebops Mon 25-Mar-19 03:58:56

Thank you.

We only managed to dtd on Thursday night as wee one been unwell and just wanting mummy cuddles.


Yakadee Mon 25-Mar-19 05:38:02

It only takes once right! Fingers crossed xx

Michellebops Mon 25-Mar-19 08:15:50

Very true thank you xx

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