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TTC journey keeps being postponed!😟

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EssJayyCee Sun 24-Mar-19 10:52:21

This is more a rant post than advice I just wanted someone to talk to!

Fed up!
Every time we plan to start ttc something gets in the way!
First coming off the pill and getting regular, then a holiday now its come to trying again everything has been thrown in the air.

I have been having pelvic pains and pink discharge after sex so I was advised to have swabs which were done on Thursday.
My boyfriend has been having UTI like symptoms so now we are worried we've got an infection or something.

Neither of us has cheated but my boyfriend is worried that his ex had something she didn't tell him about. They both got tested, he was fine but she said something had come back for her but they didn't need to worry it was "just a water infection" and she had antibiotics. Obviously he trusted her at the time but now hes thinking she had something and now 3 years later symptoms are starting to show for us both. So now we are having to wait again until my results are back which isn't until next Thursday at the earliest. And he's going to the doctors in the morning..

I'm driving myself crazy at the thought of possibly having an STI without realising for so long and it possibly making me infertile.

It's as if we aren't destined to have a baby 😟

whyhaveidonethis Mon 25-Mar-19 06:40:30

Massive hugs. What a worrying time for you. I don't have any advice except to say that at least you have found out now while you strengthen pregnant and so can take any medication needed. It would be tele to have got pregnant and then have to take some strong drugs or to think that the infection could harm baby. I hope you get the all clear soon x

EssJayyCee Mon 25-Mar-19 18:09:12

@whyhaveidonethis thank you for replying.
I am hoping so too!
I know there is something wrong with me so I'm hoping the swabs pick up something but if it doesn't I'm still at square one with pain and pink discharge.

I'm worried whatever it is has made me infertile 😫

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