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Help!! Don't want to get my hopes up!!

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sophhhxo Sat 23-Mar-19 23:34:37


So I have just finished work and decided to POAS.. I have been feeling very nauseous in the mornings and I haven't had a 'proper' period since January...

I was spotting for about a week, last week (sorry, confusing!)
But only saw blood when I wiped!

I am not usually a morning person, but I never usually feel queasy.. until this last week!

I thought I would give a test a go, and this was my results! I did it at 23:00 ish, but hadn't been for a wee since about 18:00!
I really don't want to get my hopes up, I have PCOS, so being late etc is pretty average for me!

Please can someone give me some opinions! Not got any ideas what a chemical pregnancy is or anything's, so any advice is welcome! I won't be offended!! ❤️

tashabrown Sat 23-Mar-19 23:37:09

Well I'm no doctor but that is certainly a positive pregnancy test! Amazing! Congratulations!

MindyMoonstone Sat 23-Mar-19 23:40:46

That’s a positive for sure!! I’d give the doc a ring to see if they can see you and help you figure out how far along you are if you have no idea.

Fingers crossed for you and congratulations flowers

sophhhxo Sat 23-Mar-19 23:41:03

@tashabrown I know I may seem silly when it's such a clear test.. but we have been trying for so long, and I just bought I'd do one on a whim... and never expected to see two lines!! I just don't know what to do with myself!!

tashabrown Sat 23-Mar-19 23:44:04

@sophhhxo Dance, dance and dance some more! Definitely call the docs to put your mind at rest, but enjoy this moment and don't let worries get to you, amazing news! thanks

Yakadee Sun 24-Mar-19 04:39:35

What a line! Congratulations 🎉

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