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Not ovulating after miscarriage?

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ElektraLOL Fri 22-Mar-19 20:32:18

I had a v early miscarriage in December and since then I don't think I've ovulated because my OPKs have been negative. Before the miscarriage they were like clockwork and fully in sync with the Clue app. Can this happen after a miscarriage? I'm still having periods at the expected time although they are a bit more irregular than normal. Eg, usually they'd always come after 28-30 days and no more leeway than that. The last few months it's been 27 days, 38, 30 etc.

ElektraLOL Sat 23-Mar-19 20:23:49


Michellebops Sat 23-Mar-19 22:59:53

Speak to your gp who will arrange blood tests on day 21 of your cycle to check for ovulation

I'm going for mine next week ❤️

Snowflake9 Sun 24-Mar-19 03:15:29

Sorry to hear of your miscarriage .

The fact that you are having periods is a good sign. Apps aren't always very accurate when it comes to ovulation , even if they seemed to sync up with yours before.

After my MC I bought a BBT thermometer and tracked my temperature. It was always bang on and I knew exactly when I ovulated. Some months were later than others meaning my cycle would be longer but I knew exactly when AF was due.

Don't lose hope! X

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