5 day morula transfer - any BFP success stories?

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KitKatKates Fri 22-Mar-19 16:03:11

Hey ladies,

I had 1 morula transferred 2 days ago and was so disappointed it hadn't developed to blastocyst. Just wondering if anyone has any success stories with transferring a slow developer to give me some hope?! Only 2 days into the 2ww so any info would be greatly appreciated! :-)

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RedPandaFluff Sat 23-Mar-19 01:38:17

Hi @KitKatKates - I've not personally been in the same situation but I'm now on my 4th IVF cycle and I've always obsessively haunted forums during each cycle looking for a "matching" scenario and hoping for indicators of success. All I can say is that I've seen perfect 5-day blasts not implant and poor-quality 2-3 day embryos turn into successful pregnancies. It's a lottery and impossible to predict. If I were you I'd hope for the best and stay positive x

KitKatKates Tue 26-Mar-19 15:19:36

@RedPandaFluff - Thanks for the advice, it helps to know that! x

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RedPandaFluff Tue 02-Apr-19 17:22:18

@KitKatKates - how are you? Have you tested yet?

KitKatKates Wed 03-Apr-19 09:57:27

@RedPandaFluff Thanks for remembering :-) I have tested and it was a BFN :-( I have been sad and upset but now accept this is our first round and we would have been very lucky to have been successful. I will give some time to let it sink in and enjoy some wine, chocolate, hot baths etc etc! Then start planning our next round. This is a tough rollercoaster but I am determined to keep positive and hopeful that I will one day become a mum. Sending love and strength to all ladies who are TTC - keep going! xxx

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RedPandaFluff Wed 03-Apr-19 11:31:10

Ahhhh @KitKatKates I'm sorry to hear that. A lot of women do consider the first cycle to be a test run, though, to see how our bodies react to the drugs etc. So try to see this one as a practice go!

I know how hard it is, but it sounds like you have a great attitude. Good luck for round 2 💐

KitKatKates Thu 04-Apr-19 09:55:05

@RedPandaFluff Thank you - hopefully we will be lucky with our next round. Do you have experience or advice of how long to wait before going for the next round? x

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RedPandaFluff Thu 04-Apr-19 14:43:55

Hi @KitKatKates - my personal experience isn't of much use to you; I need donor eggs which is a different (and much easier, physically) process as I don't have to do the trigger shot, egg collection etc. I've done back-to-back cycles and started for the next one as soon as I've had a "failure" period but your clinic might want you to have one or two cycles to let your body settle down and recover.

Fredsgirl19 Thu 06-Aug-20 19:14:16

I know this is old and I hope that OP had success on the next round. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

My reason for posting is that in Feb I turned up for transfer on day 5 to find out that none of my embryos had made it to blast. I had two Morulas. One looking slightly better. They were both transferred. One stuck and I am now 26weeks pregnant and everything seems ok!

I searched the Internet high and low for hopeful success stories and there really wasn't much to find so ... for anyone having just had a morula transferred and looking for success stories I hope you find this post


Charbly1 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:56:57

Congratulations Fredsgirl19, your story is literally mine... I had 1 average and one poor quality morula transferred on Saturday 29th. Was so disappointed that I didnt have a Blastocysts. What were your symptoms that it had worked? How early did you test? I’m so happy to read your story

Fredsgirl19 Thu 10-Sep-20 11:35:46

@charbly1 sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am guessing you know the outcome now?? Really hoping it was a success.

I just had some spotting around 7dp5dt and was really thirsty. That was about it for me as far as symptoms.

KnockingForty Tue 10-Aug-21 14:04:55

Hello, is there anyone still here on this thread? @Charbly1 @KitKatKates @RedPandaFluff @Fredsgirl19 we were told our 6 fertilised were poor quality and fragmenting on Sunday (day 3) and today (day 5) that all bar 1 have now arrested but that the 1 looks like it might slowly be becoming a blastocyst?! They’re going to ring me in the morning to tell me and whether it’s worth going in for transfer. I’m 38, husband had high sperm DNA fragmentation but this was vastly improved following varicosele embolism and taking proxeed antioxidants, special ejaculation protocol etc. This round was supposed to be so much different from the first because of this, quote: ‘massive improvement’ with DH’s sperm. So we’re very sad but clinging on to this 1 tiny bit of hope for tomorrow… How did others get on in the end? Xx

Charbly1 Tue 10-Aug-21 14:16:13

Hello lovely thanks for the message. I’ve had 4 rounds in total and all ended without a baby unfortunately. I had one early blastocyst transferred on day 5 on our 3rd cycle but unfortunately it didn’t make a baby. All of our other cycles we have had a good fertilization rate but by day 3 they are poor qualified and by day 5 either a couple of bad quality embryos. My most recent cycle in April ended with no embryos. I have endometriosis and poor egg quality but my husband has no issues with his sperm. I really do have everything crossed for you and I hope it works out for you hun. It’s a very stressful time for you and it takes over your life. I am £30k down with no baby only worsened endometriosis and mentally drained so we have decided not to do any more IVF, I just have to accept I will never be a mum, easier said than done. Good luck hun xxx

Fredsgirl19 Tue 10-Aug-21 19:41:30

I'm still here!
Sounds very stressful and I'm sorry the call wasn't as positive as you might have hoped for. I remember the feeling well.

There really is no telling what way this might go for you but please try to stay positive. My story is proof that even when the odds look firmly stacked against you - miracles do happen.

Please keep us posted.

I would definitely suggest transfer even if still not quite at blast stage - if the clinic will. I really do think our morula needed to be in the right environment (me) to thrive

Fredsgirl19 Tue 10-Aug-21 19:43:43

@Charbly1 I'm very sorry to hear your story so far. I hope you are looking after yourself and taking all the time you need to grieve.

I'm not sure if you have plans to look at alternative routes to motherhood but whatever you decide I wish you all the best

KnockingForty Tue 10-Aug-21 20:56:16

Hi @Charbly1 and @Fredsgirl19 thank you so much both of you for replying to me today - it has been so reassuring to hear from others who know how this feels. We were just so sure this cycle was going to be better than last time. Still in shock and forensically analysing everything, Googling until my thumbs hurt and lamenting how old my eggs have gotten while we worked on DH’s sperm issues to no apparent avail (yet?!) And the money is astronomical to then come away with nothing, I feel you *@Charbly1*. I guess you just have to know you did everything you possibly could to try. Now you are there, I hope you can find some solace and joy either through adoption or doting on nieces/nephews, godchildren. This whole infertility thing forces you to become a very philosophical and accepting person, heh?! I think I’ve got another, third go, in me (maybe even a 4th) and I’ll draw the line after that. You are right @Fredsgirl19 that miracles do happen. So I am holding on to that. Also agree with your instincts about getting them to transfer tomorrow, blast or not, if possible - as better home in my womb. Let’s hope my little 1 hope has multiplied overnight. Will let you know guys - thanks so much again Xx

Charbly1 Wed 11-Aug-21 07:47:54

Thank you sweet, I have good days and bad days. I also wish you all the best. Look after yourself xxx

Charbly1 Wed 11-Aug-21 08:00:27

I was sure my last cycle was going well, had 100% fertilization rate, lots of eggs and they were doing well by day 3. Couldn’t believe when I received the day 5 call that all of them had arrested whilst getting ready for embryo transfer which was scheduled for 9am. I had taken 2 weeks holiday off work, taken all the vitamins, ate healthy, drank plenty of water and just rested. At that minute I knew I couldn’t do it anymore. I have had on and off spotting since April and all of the meds have accelerated my endometriosis symptoms and a still have £20k left on a fertility loan. I used Google at every step and became obsessed, the thing is everyone is different and what may work for some may not work for others and I really hope you are one of the lucky ones. Try to relax and have fun. I will just be a good auntie to my friends kids and my nephews. You take care hun xxx

Janefx40 Wed 11-Aug-21 08:01:32

@KnockingForty best of luck for your transfer. I had a day 5 morula transferred back in 2018 and had my DD who is now 2.5. I was absolutely stunned when I did the pregnancy test. Everything about that round was shit but it worked...

@Charbly1 I'm sorry that you weren't as lucky. It is such a miserable journey this one. I hope you can find some peace with how things have worked out over time. Sending you lots of love xxx

KnockingForty Wed 11-Aug-21 15:54:02

Hi guys, update is sadly it was bad news for us again this morning. The 1 morula left is too poor quality. They couldn’t see any aspects of the embryo they need to indicate it would be worth transferring. So that’s it. No follow up with the doctor at the Lister available until next Friday. I feel numb but trying to think of it as a process. Surely they’ll be able to tell more about what the issues are from observing what happened in this round etc. Think we’re just so disappointed that with DH’s sperm frag so vastly improved following his op we didn’t even get a blast to transfer. I’m now fixated on idea it’s because I’m a bit overweight. Oh it’s shit but we will be okay. We’ll take a break for a couple of months to recover and then go again for third cycle. Gearing up to accept this might never happen for us but not just yet.

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