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IUI Timings Advice/Stories

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NKB88 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:51:42

Hi, just after some advice/stories/hope really.

I had my LH surge this morning, detected in FMU at about 6.30AM with Clearblue Advance Dig OPK. I've called my clinic and they can't fit me in for IUI until 4.30PM tomorrow. This is 34 hours after the surge was first detected. Is 34 hours usual between surge and IUI procedure? I did another test at 1PM and my surge is already over.

Do I have any hope of conceiving this cycle? I am using frozen donor sperm which only lasts in the uterus/falopian tubes for up to 36-48 hours and the egg may only last 12. My paranoid calculations say that if i O'd 12 hours after surge i could have o'd by 6PM and the egg could have died by 6AM, way before any sperm has a chance to get there. obviously these are keeping to the minimum timings but is there any hope?

Has anyone had late IUI and still got a BFP? I'm doing natural cycle so no trigger shots or anything.

Sorry for the rambling.

mincedpea Thu 21-Mar-19 14:59:24

Hi NKB88,

I've wondered about this in the recent past too. I'm on my 2nd natural IUI cycle with donor sperm. This cycle I got a bit luckier in that my OPK detected the surge on a Thursday morning (around 6.30am, like you) and my clinic was able to give me an appointment on the Friday at 3pm. But I'm still not 100% sure the egg was still in there at the time of insemination, even though my temps confirmed ovulation on the Friday.

My clinic also only gives appointments the day after an LH surge is detected. So if this cycle doesn't work, I've started wondering if I should contact my clinic two days before my expected O-D just to get an IUI appointment before ovulation. I know the sperm live longer than the egg, and that some people say O-1 is the most important for conception. But my wife says trying to game their system is mad and that the clinic probably know what they're doing when they tell us which day to come in!

Anyway, I guess it's up to you about your appointment. If you're paying for treament, you'll know that donor sperm is really expensive, as is the treatment, so you want to go in with your best chance of conceiving. It could still happen, especially since we don't know when the surge actually started, only when it was detected, and we don't know the timing between surge and egg release. It's all very tricky.

Wish I had a positive story but I don't, yet...that said, I'm 13DPO today and holding out to test on Saturday, so fingers crossed. You might find more positive stories in the Donor Conception channel. Good luck and baby dust to you!

NKB88 Thu 21-Mar-19 15:16:42


positive story or not, thanks for the reply. It's nice to know there are others out there and i'm not the only one with the same thoughts and feelings.

it'll be interesting to see this time, my last IUI my surge was detected at about 9.30AM on a Saturday and we had the IUI at 3PM ish that day. That was a BFN and i'm wondering if it's because the procedure was too early. Now if this one doesn't work i'll be wondering if its because the procedure was too late.

Ho hum, we shall see. Good luck for your test on Saturday. Here's hoping AF will stay away. baby dust to you.

NKB88 Thu 21-Mar-19 15:19:11


i think i'll go ahead with the procedure anyway. As you said donor sperm is expensive but actually cheaper than forfeiting the procedure, so we'll go ahead and just hope. I've read studies that say 34 hours is optimum but that's with trigger shots etc.

We shall see.

mincedpea Thu 21-Mar-19 15:31:26

Fingers crossed it works out for you @NKB88. If you don't try, you can't conceive, so at least this way you're in with a shot.

I've read some other posts on home insemination and started to wonder about that too, as then you might be able to have more than one insemination over the fertile window, meaning timing is less of an issue. That said, a lot of women do manage to conceive using natural IUI after a few cycles, so it must be possible!

My first IUI was bizarre - I ovulated early, on CD10, then had what I had hoped was implantation spotting on 10DPO, but then that turned into full on AF by 12DPO so I had a really short cycle of only 22 days. Not sure what happened at all, but am pretty convinced it was IUI-related as I've never had a cycle that short before. This time around I'm already on CD25 (normally my cycles are 26-27 days) so at least I'll get to do test, even if it's a BFN!

Anyway, good luck to us all!

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