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Should I be concerned...?

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peaky297 Thu 21-Mar-19 07:39:51

Please see attached one test from yesterday morning (v faint positive) one from yesterday PM (middle one) and one from this morning. Not only are they so faint I'm scared to believe them, but the one I took this morning is slightly lighter than the one I took yesterday afternoon... is this just my eyes being funny or should I be concerned? Thanks in advance x

PurpleShepNeedsToGoToBed Thu 21-Mar-19 07:57:27

Could be because your urine is less concentrated at certain times (more to drink / less time in between wees)

Could also be slight differences in the test sticks

I know it's tempting but you'll drive yourself mad testing so much - and I speak as someone who had recurrent miscarriages - I know that way madness lies..


tessiegirl Thu 21-Mar-19 08:02:58

How many dpo are you?

Albgo Thu 21-Mar-19 08:03:39

They aren't particularly faint tbh, they're pretty clear positives. Congratulations and try not to drive yourself bonkers by testing too much.

Yakadee Thu 21-Mar-19 08:15:16

You can drive yourself mad worrying about line progression. They are positive for sure! Try holding off a few days xx

peaky297 Thu 21-Mar-19 08:21:20

@tessiegirl I think that I am around 13 or 14 DPO. You always imagine when you get a BFP it will be a glaring red line, so it's so hard to believe it when its faint!

tessiegirl Thu 21-Mar-19 08:30:31

A line is a line no matter how faint...grin

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