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wannabebump Wed 20-Mar-19 16:39:32

I know FRER are the most recommended tests, but I'm searching for a cheapie as amazon IC's reviews don't seem to great. Obviously I would confirm any hint of a line with a FRER so just something cheaper to POAS!

Thank you x

Michellebops Wed 20-Mar-19 18:05:42

Frer are very expensive if you have a poas habit🙈

I bought a pack of one step ic, about 20 tests for £3 but don't think they're recommended

Comps83 Wed 20-Mar-19 18:17:03

I saw some in HomeBargains this afternoon . 2 for £1

wannabebump Wed 20-Mar-19 19:23:06

@Michellebops I had one step internet cheapies but apparently not that great x

Comps83 Wed 20-Mar-19 19:28:57

I can vouch for one step being shit. Not sure how good they are if you are actually pregnant but they’re terrible for false positives

Michellebops Wed 20-Mar-19 20:12:04

I never even got an Evap line on them. Utter 💩

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