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Clear blue digital

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zoo18 Wed 20-Mar-19 11:26:37

Been using ic dip strips for past weeks and getting neg results (the dip ones) my period is about 1 week late but have varying cycles usually between 34-46 days. So it 46 days only due on today.

Been to drs yesterday and the 2 test they did there came back with clear 2nd line and confirmed pregnant however I had done x 2 clear blue digital and came back not pregnant. One was FMU.

I've ordered more test but just wondered if any one has similar issues with clear blue digital? This is 2nd pregnancy and having similar symptoms as last time but clear blue worked then and showed 1-2 weeks.

I'm not completely sure on ovulation dates so that may be a factor but just worries me it's not showing on digital.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks smile

MsSquiz Wed 20-Mar-19 11:39:59

My SIL was 6 weeks pregnant with twins before she got a bfp on a clear blue digital test. She recommended I don't use them!

zoo18 Wed 20-Mar-19 11:42:53

Thanks we've been TTC for a while so it just panics me that it's not showing up yet on digital but think il just stay away from them and stop worrying self as feel pregnant.

MsSquiz Wed 20-Mar-19 11:48:02

We are TTC and I use the First response tests on her suggestion, but I have seen lots of others on here say the same thing about the clear blue tests (which awful considering the cost of the clear blue tests!) something about the pink tests reading earlier than blue tests?

Congratulations! thanks

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