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BFP after MC

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smartcarnotsosmartdriver Wed 20-Mar-19 06:42:52

Hi everyone,

So I took a FRER this morning as AF due tomorrow and it looks like a BFP. A few years ago me and DH had an early MC and it really hit me hard so while I'm excited I'm also pretty scared. Any reassurance would be appreciated. Attached pic of BFP as I can't quite believe it.

whyhaveidonethis Wed 20-Mar-19 06:51:27

Wow, that's nice and strong. Congratulations, for now you are pregnant

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Wed 20-Mar-19 07:39:57

Thank you, I know realistically there's no point in worrying about something that I really can't control but I don't seem to be able to help it.

CaRouleMaPoule Wed 20-Mar-19 11:11:59

I'm in exactly the same situation as you. Got my first BFP after MC this morning and I'm freaking out. I'm thrilled but so terrified of something bad happening again. Perhaps we could use this thread to chat and help each other through it? x

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Wed 20-Mar-19 11:48:46

That sounds good to me! It's difficult because I am excited but I really don't want it to hurt as much as it did before so I'm trying to stay more detached.

CaRouleMaPoule Wed 20-Mar-19 13:52:43

I know what you mean. It really doesn't seem real. At the moment I'm trying not to over-analyse every tiny symptom, and working out how to tell DH!

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Wed 20-Mar-19 17:58:26

I just jumped on DH this morning while he was still in bed and waved the test in his face but with the shifts we work I won't really see him again until Sunday. I had mild cramps today which I've read is completely normal but it's still freaking me out.

CaRouleMaPoule Wed 20-Mar-19 20:33:29

Just told DH. He's managing to keep it together for both of us, which is great because I'm a nervous wreck!

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Thu 21-Mar-19 07:58:12

How are you feeling this morning? Glad DH is there to support you xx

CaRouleMaPoule Thu 21-Mar-19 11:05:58

Feeling a bit better today thanks. You? Got a full day to keep me busy and an appointment with the GP later to talk it all over x

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Thu 21-Mar-19 11:49:53

I've had some mild cramps which I know can be perfectly normal but I'm just on the look out for blood. I should call the drs but I don't want to call too early and waste their time. I never saw a dr last time. I had an appointment booked for 8 weeks but didn't quite get that far.

Charm23 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:30:26

Congratulations to you both on your pregnancies! I got a VVFL yesterday after having a MC back in December. Don't believe it at all and so not getting excited yet. Waiting to test again at the weekend. Half expecting AF to arrive still. Will try to remember to update you if I get a stronger BFP as it would be nice to get to know you both having been in the same boat smile

CaRouleMaPoule Thu 21-Mar-19 14:18:21

Welcome! Keeping everything crossed for you smile

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Thu 21-Mar-19 15:54:05

Hey! Welcome! I've had a faint positive on an internet cheapie but the FRER's are much stronger. Fingers crossed!

Charm23 Fri 22-Mar-19 10:46:19

I couldn't wait so went out and bought a Clearblue Early Detection test last night. Took it this morning with FMU and got another faint positive. Still hard to believe it's true but it makes 3 faint positives in the past 2 days so I guess I better start believing it. Don't want to get too excited/attached yet or be too hopeful. I'm not planning on even going to the doctors for a few more weeks. How are you ladies feeling? x

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Fri 22-Mar-19 13:56:42

Hey! That's great news! Congratulations! I'm torn about the doctors because I didn't get any support at all last time as I hadn't had any appointments and I could have been doing with it. I might call them tonight and see what they say. I'm really struggling with not feeling excited, I told my mum as I know I'd need her if the worst did happen and she's so excited. I'm just not there at all.

CaRouleMaPoule Fri 22-Mar-19 14:25:40

Exciting. Three positives sounds promising. I'm shattered today but feeling good. The chat with the GP was so reassuring. I just need to keep reminding myself that getting support in place now doesn't in any way jinx things. It's such a stressful time, get all the help you can!

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Sat 23-Mar-19 09:03:08

Morning folks, how are we this weekend? I've been keeping myself busy so I don't overthink every single thing and I'm so tired I'm out before 10 every night so that's helping!

kittycat01 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:11:56

Hey, please can I join your group? I had a MMC discovered at 12 week scan in December and another potential early MC in February. I got a BFP this week and I'm worrying already that it's going to end badly again. I have only told DH and we have decided not to even tell our parents this time around until the 12 week scan, or even longer. I won't even download any of the pregnancy apps because I don't want to get my hopes up and lose it.

What symptoms is everyone having? I have lower back pain so far and struggling to get a good nights sleep. xxx

CaRouleMaPoule Sat 23-Mar-19 09:16:21

I'm so confused this morning. Literally all my symptoms have disappeared overnight, but I just did another test and it's a blazing BFP, much stronger than the one I did on Wednesday. That's good right..?

smartcarnotsosmartdriver Sat 23-Mar-19 09:21:56

Hi @kittycat01 welcome along! I've mainly had mild cramping which is driving me insane as I'm imagining the worst! I'm also absolutely shattered!

@CaRouleMaPoule if you still have a positive test that's a good sign I think. I called NHS 24 last time and they were really helpful tbh so you could maybe try them and see if there's anywhere that could see you?

Charm23 Sat 23-Mar-19 10:07:10

@smartcarnotsosmartdriver Thank you. Feels weird being congratulated because if I'm honest I'm still not letting myself believe it. Ive told DH and mum but did you with the idea of not telling either until I was more sure but I needed to tell them. Sorry to hear you had no support and that you're not feeling excited either but I'm here to chat if you need an ear, night or day just tag me here or message me directly smile I'm still not going to call the doctors yet - thinking of waiting a couple more weeks. This weekend has been good so far, had new furniture arrive so been getting all that sorted. Now to relax! Talking of keeping busy, I'm guilty of Googling "how to make pregnancy go faster" hahaha and I'm only at the very beginning!

@CaRouleMaPoule Yes it does sound promising and I have to keep telling myself that because I'm still in denial. I'm really tired too and have been for a while which was one of the reasons I tested. Sounds like your GP appointment went well but I'm not brave enough to make things that official yet! I wouldn't worry about symptoms disappearing as they can come and go - the blazing bfp is a great sign! I'm hoping for a stronger bfp but a bit scared to take another test.

@kittycat01 Welcome smile Congratulations. Sorry to hear about what happened but I'm glad we have all found each other. I'm worrying too, it's only natural but I'm trying to tell myself to be positive. Just because it ended badly last time doesn't mean it will this time. My symptoms so far have been: tiredness, lower back ache, slightly achey boobs and just an odd unsettled feeling that could just be worry. How about you?

CaRouleMaPoule Sat 23-Mar-19 10:50:51

Hi @kittycat01 welcome along!
Thanks all for calming me down a bit. I'm already being monitored due to previous losses and issues so will be getting an early scan pretty soon anyway. Just need to try and relax until then. Easier said than done!

kittycat01 Sun 24-Mar-19 06:08:33

Hi all! Thanks for welcoming me.

I had lower backache and very heavy/tired eyes and even went to bed at 8.30 last night I was so tired. However, I have woken up this morning with no backache! I'm now worried as last time my symptoms went it turned out to be a MMC!

@CaRouleMaPoule when is your early scan? xxx

SideEyeing Sun 24-Mar-19 08:35:09

Same boat here. BFP yesterday at 10dpo after MMC in November 2017 and September 2018. Bricking it, feel absolutely no symptoms beyond the metallic taste. My boobs haven't changed at all! Fiance very reluctant to get excited and seems more anxious than anything.. can't blame him. It's going to be a long 8 weeks!

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