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If I hopefully get a BFP, what next??!

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Daydreamer71 Tue 19-Mar-19 20:48:52

I'm hoping for a BPF next week, first time ttc ! smile 6 DPO currently. all v exciting and nerve wracking. But say I do get a BFP, what do I actually after lol? Have done quite a bit of reading etc. about all this to ensure I'm clued up, and understand that I need to book a 'booking in' appt at the GP or local antenatal unit(?). But what do they do there? Will they give me a scan to check all is as it should be at that time? Or do we really have to wait a full 12 weeks before we know anything about our baby's health and development so far? Has anyone gone to one of these private scan clinic thingys and paid to have an early one? It's worth the money to me but obviously would rather they actually know what they're doing etc.

Thanks for the support. The TWW is a very uncertain time and I think my husband is tired of me talking about it every night haha - but he still tries to listen and speak this language bless him.

whyhaveidonethis Wed 20-Mar-19 06:58:54

In my experience very little happens. The midwives round here won't even book you in until you are 10 weeks! I've had private scans with 2 of my DC and they were worth every penny imo. You get an NHS scan at around 12-14 weeks and they do your bloods at the initial booking in appointment. If all goes well you will then have another scan at 20 weeks and about 4 more midwives appointments. First time mums then get 3 antenatal classes.

KatnissKringle Wed 20-Mar-19 07:07:15

Yeah not a great deal! It's an odd time. Unless something happens (pain /bleeding), or you pay privately, you won't have a scan until 12 weeks or so. In that time, you'll have your booking in appointment with a midwife at around 8-10 weeks typically, which is mainly just going through family history of any medical conditions, getting weighed, having a blood test and discussing lifestyle changes etc. It never really felt real to me until after the 12 week scan with my first. I'm currently 10w with my second and keeping everything crossed that all is well in a couple of weeks when we go! Good luck with getting your bfp.

PencereTencere Wed 20-Mar-19 07:10:23

Very little happens.

Once you have a BFP, call your GP and ask what the procedure is for referring to a midwife. You might find you don't need to be seen by the GP at all (I've never had to go) and possibly that the midwife won't accept a referral until you are a certain number of weeks - it was 6 in my last pregnancy.

Once you get to see the midwife, you have a long booking appointment that is primarily form filling, though they will also take blood or refer you for a blood test. They might tell you your scan date, but equally you might get that directly from the hospital.

If you want an early scan, lots of places offer them privately. Otherwise, you wait until the 12 week scan.

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