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Daydreamer71 Tue 19-Mar-19 17:31:46

Hi guys- anyone else in the TWW? First time ttc for us. I'm over analysing every possible thing that's going on with my body but seems like that's normal during this period haha. "Symptoms" so far:

1 DPO - no symptoms
2 DPO- extreme fatigue, spot of blood in mucus
3 DPO - fatigue and light cramps/dull ache in lower belly and in left ovary
4 DPO - insomnia/restlessness
5 DPO- energetic (considering the 6 hours sleep when I normally need a solid 8.5), spot of blood in mucus, stomach cramps & diarrhea/nauseas
6 DPO- sensitive tummy still, creamy CM

What do we think? Anyone else have anything they think is related?

mila1988 Thu 04-Apr-19 15:12:21

Hiya, would love to know how you got on? I hope it was a BFP! x

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