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Is this a chemical?

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Veevee457 Tue 19-Mar-19 14:26:46


Looking for some advice - sooo confused and just want a definite answer!

So I was due AF some time last week (It's always a day or 2 over/under). On Thurs I had some light brown spotting which I presumed was AF on the way. Fine as this was only our first month ttc. However by Sat still no AF and only this light brown stuff again, barely marking a liner, more when I wiped. One of the days there was a little bit of pinky blood when I wiped but not lots. I felt fairly suspicious at this stage as while I get spotting every time before AF, never this long. I managed to hold out until yesterday then did 2 tests and both very definite BFP.

So I went to the Drs this morning to see what was going on. Unfortunately it didn't really help much. I took a test there which Dr said was neg altho it seemed like she didn't give it v long to develop. She said the likes of CB are more sensitive than theirs to pick it up. She said for me to test again on Fri and let her know and we'll go from there.

So of course I tested again as soon as I came home 🙈 it came up a definite line although not as strong as yesterday's (could be as I had wee'd a lot by this point?!).

Sooo, after all that - should I just assume that I lost this pregnancy at a very early stage and maybe even expect a bleed like AF?? I just feel grateful that I managed to conceive at all but I didn't expect this level of ambiguity.

Thank you for reading all that!

Michellebops Tue 19-Mar-19 18:17:35

Don't give up hope just yet. Following my
Miscarriage last year I was still getting positive tests at home for 8/9 weeks. My gp did one every week too and they were always negative as theirs is rubbish. I had to take my tests with me to show. Plus I think they only check it for a minute.

Get a frer or clear blue digital for checking on Friday and good luck ❤️

Veevee457 Tue 19-Mar-19 18:44:25

Thanks so much for your reply. And I'm sorry to hear about your mc, it's awful that you can still get a positive for so long after. That worries me too 😔

I think I'd have felt a little bit more reassured if I'd have gotten a positive at Drs too.

Suppose it's just a waiting game really x

Michellebops Tue 19-Mar-19 19:13:38

This whole ttc game is a pile of 💩 at times.

Spend your 20s trying not to get pregnant, then the rest of time understanding it's such a small window anyway.

Thanks and good luck ❤️

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