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2 negstive tests few days after missed period too early to have tested?

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Coffeebrew Tue 19-Mar-19 13:00:14

All a bit odd and wondering if any advice?

In short we are trying to conceive and exactly a week before my period was due i had a very light, dark to light pink, on & off bleed that stopped dead on day 3, but i passed 1 clot. Week later period due, absolutely no symptoms, no (sorry for TMI) heavy bright red bleeding with lots of clots, which would be normal for me.

I did a test 3 & 5 days past when period due, both negative, yet still no 'normal' for me bleeding at all.
Was it maybe too early for me to have tested, or possible i had a very unusual for me light & out of sync period?

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
I don't know when i should test again if i should, or if i should try to wait it out to see if any bleeding happens between now and next month.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Coffeebrew Mon 25-Mar-19 10:36:23

@butterflykiss00 thanks for replying. I am thinking so, but was confussed with it all be it thin, blue in colour. I thought evaps were grey.
Oh the joy of just waiting to see what happens over the course of this week now. I have asked the supermarket for full clarification on their test as chance it could be faulty. Their instructions don't account for such incidents.

butterflykiss00 Mon 25-Mar-19 11:34:43

Hopefully they get back to you, I've had a thin line before and it was negative in the end

tashabrown Mon 25-Mar-19 13:25:56

@Coffeebrew Girl I am feeling your stress!
They do say you should disregard anything outside of the 10 minute window, but I am really rooting for your BFP! How about testing with a FRER? As they are known to be reliable, they're pricey though. I bought one yesterday from Superdrug and it was only a fiver, definitely a flook but I kept my mouth shut 😂

I'm 8 days late and I'm really anxious about it so I have a Docs appointment on Wednesday so hopefully I'll get some answers, have you called your GP?

Coffeebrew Mon 25-Mar-19 13:38:35

@Tashabrown thanks for your reply. No not contacted GP yet. Waiting to see how todays spotting progresses, it's so on and off i just have no idea if it will turn into a period or as it seems to have done for now, eased off. But, i might just bite the bullet and see a dr tomorrow as we have a morning sit and wait service at our surgery.
You are right FRER are expensive and that puts me off if it turns out negative. Don't want to spend a tenner or so a time.
I too wish you good luck

Coffeebrew Sun 07-Apr-19 20:23:03

Just thought i would follow up and say thanks everyone for all your comments, it obviously wasn't meant to be for us last month, probably a very early chemical pregnancy, one i probably wouldn't have thought twice about if it wasn't for us actively trying. Onwards and upwards, we will try again.

EmmaRamsay1 Sun 21-Apr-19 13:11:03

Hi need some advice done a few of these over last 2 days and a cb digital cb came back not pregnant and then this again today put others in bin as didn't want kids to see how do I add photo...

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