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2 negstive tests few days after missed period too early to have tested?

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Coffeebrew Tue 19-Mar-19 13:00:14

All a bit odd and wondering if any advice?

In short we are trying to conceive and exactly a week before my period was due i had a very light, dark to light pink, on & off bleed that stopped dead on day 3, but i passed 1 clot. Week later period due, absolutely no symptoms, no (sorry for TMI) heavy bright red bleeding with lots of clots, which would be normal for me.

I did a test 3 & 5 days past when period due, both negative, yet still no 'normal' for me bleeding at all.
Was it maybe too early for me to have tested, or possible i had a very unusual for me light & out of sync period?

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
I don't know when i should test again if i should, or if i should try to wait it out to see if any bleeding happens between now and next month.

Thanks in advance for any advice

crazychemist Tue 19-Mar-19 18:31:50

It could be implantation bleeding, or it could be an anovulatory cycle (where your body just skips ovulating, and you don’t get a proper period). They happen every now and then, if you weren’t trying to ttc you might think nothing of it. Give it a week and then test again, if it’s still negative I’m afraid you’re not pregnant. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like you tested too early.

Coffeebrew Tue 19-Mar-19 19:17:33

@crazychemist thanks for your reply. We most definitely are trying to conceive with several miscarriages via IVF and now for some reason naturally. We have been advised to try again naturally now we do seem to conceive, with added support via our gynecologist if we do get pregnant. Hence why this odd out of character bleed is foxing me.

Coffeebrew Thu 21-Mar-19 11:56:11

I am more confused now than ever. I took your advice @crazychemist about testing again, only it's been 4 days since the last time i tested, a week since the first test. I don't bother with expensive tests anymore, just the strips. I nearly threw the strip away thinking it was negative, but for some reason i looked again. I don't know if i am seeing something so faint most would write it off, but if you slightly zoom in on the picture (you have to to see what i mean it is so faint) , you can obviously see the pink line on the right, the edge of the shiny strip on the left and inbetween the T & the O of the background (the only thing that didn't give me a shiny glare lol) there is what possibly looks like a very faint line, that most would probably miss it. What does anyone else think? Thanks in advance.

kell2116 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:28:09

@Coffeebrew I can def see the line you're referring to. What colour is it IRL?

Coffeebrew Thu 21-Mar-19 12:34:23

@kell2116 it was grey almost clear non coloured if you get what i mean, which although i miscarried in the past, is the same as when i tested to early before, but got a slightly stronger faint line, if that makes sense, which addds to my confusion.

Coffeebrew Thu 21-Mar-19 13:02:35

Starting to think it was just an evaporation line, but as i said, i had similar with past pregnancies, all be them ending in miscarriages, but the line then got stronger with later tests, this time it's so faint i couldn't really tell the colour.

Coffeebrew Fri 22-Mar-19 15:24:18

The bit that's confusing me further, is that i today saw a couple of thread vain like streaks when wiping after using the loo, could this possibly be a sign of ovulation if i was to have had an abnormally light out of sync period on the 5th of this month?

Coffeebrew Sat 23-Mar-19 08:35:31

So after yestersays nose bleed and 3 blood spots I decided to use the last of my £ test strips. Again i have a very faint line, but ever so slightly more prominent that i saw withing 4 minutes and wasn't straining wondering if it's there. But... I still don't think it is anywhere near conclusive, what does anyone think?

butterflykiss00 Sat 23-Mar-19 09:58:16

I'm not sure what to think, but I see the lines, it's gotta be a bfp though! But those tests are shite 😐

Coffeebrew Sat 23-Mar-19 10:31:33

@butterflykiss00 thanks for your reply. Some others have suggested i might have been unlucky with indentation or evaporation lines, does seem slightly odd 2 me i would get the same with 2 tests given its a thin line and i am unsure of any colour present.

I don't know what to think. I don't want to be disappointed, although after so long i cope better, but i don't know when i should realistically test again as i don't want to waste money, hence buying the cheap pound ones in the first place. I wonder if supermarket own brands would be any better than the strips 🤔

Coffeebrew Sat 23-Mar-19 11:51:39

@butterflykiss00 you are probably just trying to be positive and much appreciated, but was there anything specific that makes you think i must be pregnant? You seem so sure lol, yet those test stips seem rubbish

butterflykiss00 Sat 23-Mar-19 13:03:32

@Coffeebrew some people use Poundland's ones but I haven't my self.

I think the best time to test is the day of your missed period

I know how you feel I've been there myself, I suppose you Can
Only test again and see what happens.
I'm only going of the tests as it seems odd that two have done the same, when did the lines come up?

If it's two days after your missed period , some people only get a positive a week after xx

Coffeebrew Sat 23-Mar-19 13:17:48

@butterflykiss00 thanks for your further reply.

The 2 tests with confusing lines were taken with first morning urine 9 & 11 days after my period was due, so today and Thursday just gone. I am 11 days late, but as mentioned i had a very odd on and off light pink to brown bleed for 3 days, passing 1 clot a week before my period was due and then, to date no heavy normal period which should have started on th 12th.

The test strips i got were a new line from tesco, they are the same brand as poundland. I might try and ride it out another week, then just go test with a supermarket own brand and or go to my GP. All very confusing.

butterflykiss00 Sat 23-Mar-19 14:31:07

Yea that sound like a plan, I think of you were pregnant though it would of showed up after this long, unless you have conceived more recently x

MyDcAreMarvel Sat 23-Mar-19 19:46:26

Are you sure when you ovulated? I think you should try with a frer.

Rosie2531 Sat 23-Mar-19 20:19:48

@Coffeebrew I've been using those same strips for a few weeks and had thin lines with every single test I took. All of them have had colour too. I think they're really bad evap lines and I wouldn't trust them at all.

Unless the line is thick and the same as the control, then I believe it will be an evap. I know this doesn't help but I would suggest sticking to other tests like frer.

I'll post the photo of my lines from nearly 3 weeks ago (eventually had a thick line yesterday with one and a thin line with frer today I think 🤞) so these ones must have been 'false positives'. Second photo is the one from yesterday and you can see the difference in line thickness (although it is fainter 🙄)

Coffeebrew Sat 23-Mar-19 21:23:03

@MyDcAreMarvel thanks for replying . No i am not completely sure when I ovulated if I did, as although we are TTC its been a hard road to this point and I wanted it to be more relaxed for a while. But roughly it would fit with when we were intimate, along with February's period dates, as i had a very heavy period 12th Feb, which would then make my early bleed all be it with 1 clot on the 5th around the right time for implantation. But with passed all be them failed pregnancies, i have never passed a clot with implantation before, that's partly what's thrown me.

@Rosie2153 thank you so much for your time in posting. I can't see a second line in your photo with the blue bit of the strip showing, but my tests the same brand as yours looked like your readings with the faint lines, so makes me think these strips are just not being made properly and not showing true results. But you say it took 3 weeks of testing to get a positive, so congrats and that's refreshing to know there might possibly still be hope for me , after all, my husband always says my body doesn't follow a rule book lol, it has taken a while for my hormones to rise in the past, all be it i miscarried.
I guess it really is a waiting game for about a week to test again if nothing else has happened. I today bought Tesco own tests as not so cheap as the freedom, but you get 2 and they are not strips.
If everything fails in about a week, i will go to my GP i guess.

Rosie2531 Sat 23-Mar-19 21:45:16

@Coffeebrew It's a proper squinter. I'm not classing my frer ones as positive till the line is properly dark! 😂 have lost faith in the cheap tests as they're more likely to have evap lines.

Tiamaria123 Sun 24-Mar-19 10:20:20

New to mumsnet and didn’t know where to post

I did a test on Friday afternoon and it came up positive straight away...I was soooo happy

Then just to confirm I did another one fmu Saturday morning and it was negative...did two more throughout the day all negative, all tests were frer

And suggestions on why? The tests were less than 12 hours apart.

Tiamaria123 Sun 24-Mar-19 10:21:16

Not sure how to add pics

Coffeebrew Sun 24-Mar-19 12:08:49

@Tiamaria123 i would probably start your own thread if you want more personalised responses to you from numerous people.

However, in line with what i am experiencing and i hope it's not the case for either of us, it could possibly be an early chemical pregnancy and if you hadn't tested that first time you might never have known, where as my early bleed could possibly have been such an early loss no hormone is being detected, i just don't know.

Always a chance like me that tests are faulty. I am yet to see a positive result for me. I might be testing too early for me as my hormomes have been slow to rise in the past, but hasn't worked out for us full term any time as yet.

How long past your missed period are you testing?
Might be that the more you tested in the same day the weaker your urine became and it was only concentrated enough to pick up your hormone level in the first morning test.

There are ways multiple possibilities, which is why i am so confused with my situation.

Coffeebrew Mon 25-Mar-19 06:59:40

I tested again this morning with a supermarket own brand rather than the strips, it was a clear negative.

However, I have started spotting, ranging from light pink to what looks like darker old blood. I guess i am now wondering if i am just not pregnant or, if there is still a slight chance my hormones are still too low to detect at 14 days past the date my period was due and it might eventually show as positive, or it could be an early loss so my body having random bleeding 🤔 any further thoughts please?

Coffeebrew Mon 25-Mar-19 10:03:49

I thought i would keep the test i did this morning rather than throw it straight away, just so i could see if it evapirated and what it would look like, to give me some indication as to the strip tests actually being faulty.
I don't know if i missed it straight after doing the test and i admit this is a very weird, but i clearly could see the horizontal line had faded and slightly evaporated, but there was a vertical line underneath the horizontal one, like half a cross, its thin but if you hold it up to the light it is definitely blue like the other window. Half a thin blue line... What the heck. You can just about see it, but i couldn't hold it to the light to show colour without shaky hands lol.

Any thoughts please 🤔🤔🤔🤔 i feel like i have gremlins in my tests either that or my hormones 😆 3 tests one of which was a different brand all come back dodgy. Grrrrrr

butterflykiss00 Mon 25-Mar-19 10:18:11

Ide say the last test is a definite evaporation line x

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