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Ewcm on cd 15 but think I'm 4dpo

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squintingagain Tue 19-Mar-19 10:49:18

I'm obsessed! I'm charting using Ava and using opks and have recently started using OvuSense too. Can you help make sense of my situation ...

Fertility friend has me ovulating on cd11 and temp shift using Ava seems to back this up (chart attached)

Flashing smiley cd12 but nothing else

First month of using OvuSense and temp pretty static throughout.

Ewcm today which should be 4dpo

It's hard as DH can't DTD every day so we need to time things well.
Do you think I've not ovulated and if not why the temp increase.

I'm so fed up of this process and analysing temps ewcm and opks that I need a bit of help and probably a reality check to stop obsessing .

squintingagain Tue 19-Mar-19 19:37:31


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