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BFPhopeful2019 Mon 18-Mar-19 21:01:23

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has used Proceive and can give me any feedback/ positive stories. It’s fairly expensive (£50 a month for me and DH to use it) so would love to hear some feedback before taking the plunge.


BFPhopeful2019 Tue 19-Mar-19 06:36:36

A little bump back up to see if anyone can help.

Was also wondering whether pressed and proceive would be both worth using?


custardtarts Tue 19-Mar-19 08:07:01

Hi I've been taking Proceive Max since January - I've nearly 36 with lower than average AMH.
It is expensive so I try and shop around - ordered some from Boots online last night because their Points scheme really good and it's 3 for 2 - I also take 209mg of C0q10

I've just had a failed frozen transfer but had a shock when I had egg collection to be told egg quality isn't great - I've used pregnacare conception for years but decided to up my game to the Proceive Max as they have higher doses of everything and some extra in there I've never heard of!

Holland and Barratt is buy one get one half price at the moment too x

custardtarts Tue 19-Mar-19 08:09:09

I forgot to say I don't get my husband to take it and he is sticking with Pregnacare - he can't bloody remember to take that once a day so he'd have no chance with the 2 a day for Proceive.

If you get the standard Proceive it's tablets isn't it? Proceive Max is sachets and a lot of reviews said it tasted awful/made people sick but I actually quite like the taste but have it in juice which helps x

BFPhopeful2019 Tue 19-Mar-19 14:23:38

Thank-you @custardtarts. I might give them a try; just expensive to be using them month after month. Wishing you all the luck with your journey. Xx

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