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Is this it? Help x

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megamouse Mon 18-Mar-19 20:02:52

So after a miscarriage and several "false positives" I've lost count of how many months we've been trying.
Today is 4 days till my period is due and I caved. I've taken 4 first response and one clear blue digital.

The CBD was "not pregnant" but there are 4 faint lines here? (Unless I'm losing it)

Please tell me if you see and why wouldn't the CBD show up?

TildaTurnip Mon 18-Mar-19 20:04:36

I can see lines and didn’t need to zoom in or open the pictures to make them bigger.

No idea why the CBD wouldn’t show after these have!

megamouse Mon 18-Mar-19 20:08:46

I did these at work. I only had 2 short breaks. I'll try my best to wait and do one with FMU

WhiteVixen Mon 18-Mar-19 20:12:43

FRERs are much more sensitive than a CBD, so getting a line on one but a ‘not pregnant’ result on the other doesn’t surprise me, especially if you didn’t use FMU. I can only see a very faint line on one of those but I definitely trust those tests more than a CBD, especially this early on. Good luck x

babyfloof Mon 18-Mar-19 23:29:58

I can see a faint line in the second one from the top but nothing on the others.

I got a positive FRER but it took another week to get a positive on the digital CB.

megamouse Tue 19-Mar-19 11:27:42

Another 2

Mummytoboyxx Tue 19-Mar-19 11:36:43

The last pic you posted is very clearly showing BFP’s smile

KateTTC123 Tue 19-Mar-19 11:38:48

Agree with other posters; there are clear lines in that last pic. FRER are much more sensitive than digital so it might be a few days until digital shows a bfp but it looks like you are! Congratulations!!

im36degrees Tue 19-Mar-19 11:39:01

I'd say they are positives, the bottom one on your most recent picture is easily visible. Good luck x

deathbycats Tue 19-Mar-19 12:58:59

Definitely BFPs smile as others have said, the CB digital tests are less sensitive than FRER so I'm not surprised they don't show a positive.

babyfloof Tue 19-Mar-19 23:48:12

My test was like your bottom one and they are now 8 months old and asleep upstairs.

megamouse Wed 20-Mar-19 06:48:46

Sill got a negative CBD this morning which is a bit worrying. I just want to know I've been through enough with this this year. I'm praying this is it.

HJWT Wed 20-Mar-19 06:55:28

@megamouse I always wait till iv missed my period and sometime a day or 2 after to take a CBD! With my first DD I get not pregnant so waited a week then got 2-3, with this baby I waited till I missed my period for 2/3 days and it came up positive xx

HJWT Wed 20-Mar-19 06:59:55

This is what my test looked like the day after my period was due, I started testing at 7DPO and got a positive so this was 7 days of HCG rising x everyones tests will look different because everyones cycles lengths are different ! The best way to tell is to take FRER every other day with FMU and see if the line gets darker (like second pic)

HJWT Wed 20-Mar-19 07:01:17

Sorry it didn't post x

megamouse Wed 20-Mar-19 08:31:40

Thank you ladies! I think I'm struggling to believe it even though I now have 4 very clear positive tests.

KateTTC123 Wed 20-Mar-19 11:10:36

Op those are some really clear positives!! Like you, I needed to see it in writing to believe it was real. Just wait a few days and do a digital again. In the meantime you have definitely had several positive tests. I've not had miscarriages but I have had a very premature baby so I can understand that feeling of 'this is just what happens to me' when thinking about how things will go. I'm now 3 weeks more pregnant than I ever was with my ds (he was born at 29 weeks) and finally starting to relax. It's understandably a very anxious time but for now you are pregnant and the statistics are in your favour that that will continue. Delighted for you; congratulations!! X

megamouse Wed 20-Mar-19 11:25:30

Thank you SO much.this is exactly what indeed to read. Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy ❤️

megamouse Fri 22-Mar-19 11:57:33

Had another negative digital today. I had a spare in my cupboard. Don't know why I do this to myself My heart can't take this much longer it's so hard.

I've sent a urine sample to GP and I'm awaiting the results. If after 6 positive first response this comes back as negative I give up.

HJWT Fri 22-Mar-19 12:07:20

@megamouse are you dipping it for long enough? Some people take it out when the timer comes on but you need to hold it in urine (I would pee in a cup) and count 20 seconds slowly x

megamouse Fri 22-Mar-19 12:18:30

I think so. Can't be certain but I'm feeling very emotional about it all

zoo18 Fri 22-Mar-19 12:25:37


I'm in a similar position had positive test at drs Tuesday (made them do 2) after going about extreme tiredness and having got neg test on ic but the 2 clear blue Digital have come back not pregnant.

I did what I thought was a first response last night and this morning but just checked packaging now and it was a rapid result and not the early test 🙈. My cycles are all
Over the place so not sure when AF is/ was due but it's so disheartening getting the not pregnant on clear blue.

I've booked another GP appointment and going to ask them to do bloods.

Yours looks good tho it's probably just too soon for them showing up on CB plus according to google the CB can be unreliable too.

Fingers crossed for you x

Lymphy Fri 22-Mar-19 13:34:45

Oh don’t worry about the digital just yet, those FRER are positive. Read the sensitivity on the boxes to put your mind at ease. The FR pick up HCG from 10 units whereas the digital pick up 20 or 25 ( can’t remember exactly) so it’s perfecy reasonable for the digi to be still reading net. It will turn pos though in a couple of days. Congratulations!!

butterflykiss00 Fri 22-Mar-19 19:13:42

It looks good ,I think your hormone may just be rising slower x

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