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Help - Just Been Diagnosed with PCOS

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Bella98 Mon 18-Mar-19 11:52:10

Hi guys!
So... I've just been told that I have PCOS. Blood tests and scan have proved it. I originally went to the doctors as my periods were lasting 5-7 weeks and I had an early miscarriage. I have a fear that I will never be able to have children and am looking for some other women's experiences. I am so confused by all of this as my miscarriage shows that I can conceive but now I am starting to think it could have been a false positive although my doctor was sure I was pregnant. I know that PCOS is different in every woman, but it would be really helpful to know your stories and what course of action you took after.
Thank you!

B0bb Mon 18-Mar-19 11:55:42

@Bella98 sorry for your loss and sorry you have had some unexpected news but..

I don't know the ins and outs too much but a close friend of mine has PCOS and 1st time round she was very lucky with her natural pregnancy, second time though she needed clomid.. it helps regulate your periods and helps you conceive. Maybe speak to your doctor about it, she had another little girl on clomid who is now 2years old.


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