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Help - Just Been Diagnosed with PCOS

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Bella98 Mon 18-Mar-19 11:45:29

Hi guys!
So... I've just been told that I have PCOS. Blood tests and scan have proved it. I originally went to the doctors as my periods were lasting 5-7 weeks and I had an early miscarriage. I have a fear that I will never be able to have children and am looking for some other women's experiences. I know that PCOS is different in every woman, but it would be really helpful to know your stories and what course of action you took after.
Thank you!

EssJayyCee Mon 18-Mar-19 16:41:18

Hi sweet,
I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS but I have cysts on my ovaries and irregular periods( I know completely different but anyway...) and I am also worried I will not be able to have babies.

My DP's younger sister has been diagnosed with PCOS and was told she would never be able to have a baby. She eventually accepted that and put all her effort into her two dogs (basically her children) but to her surprise she fell pregnant after missing 1 pill which she was taking for regularity and she now has a gorgeous 8 month old baby girl.

So try not to get too down. It is possible to conceive, it just may take longer and you may need a little help along the way. Keep your chin up. Everything will be okay xxx

twinkletoesimnot Mon 18-Mar-19 16:45:55

I was diagnosed with PCOS after my 3rd child. Was told unlikely I would conceive naturally again, but have gone on to have 3 more children. Admittedly with a large gap. After mine disappeared, I was told that they only recur in about 30% of cases. Mine did, but not as badly as before.
I know its super hard, but losing weight is one of the best things you can do (if you are over weight that is)

tokywoky Mon 18-Mar-19 16:58:04

PCOS sufferer here currently 16 weeks pregnant.
Please don't get disheartened. Yes it has took us a lot longer, but we have got there!
I lost weight (easier said than done!) but managed it fairly easily by following Keto. The low carb high fat helps regulate your insulin levels and is very successful at regulating your hormones. Alongside this, I did yoga and began running. I also took inofolic (expensive but so is a baby 😊)
Good luck with your journey!

Helena112 Tue 19-Mar-19 18:29:57

Hello! Sending lots of baby dust your way 💖💖 I suffered a missed miscarriage in December and my periods haven't returned. I'm wondering if I also have PCOS. I've had my blood tested for hormone levels and they have come back as "normal" did your PCOS show up on a normal hormone test?!

Bella98 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:33:21

Just an update for anybody who stumbles across the post when looking for advice about PCOS - I found out this week that I am 5 weeks pregnant! All natural with no medication. Don’t give up hope ladies 💓

Mycrazylife85 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:52:57


Alpacathebag Sun 12-Jan-20 19:57:11

Congratulations on your pregnancy. For PCOS take a look at the charity Verity, they do a lot of research and support women with pcos. There is a verity Facebook group too.

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