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BFP following Chemical Pregnancy

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kell2116 Wed 20-Mar-19 22:29:50

good luck! x

splishsplashsploshsplishsplash Mon 18-Mar-19 14:06:06

Thank you!

I've got a daughter and we've been trying for just over a year now for no.2. Fingers crossed. I'll book a gp appointment I think. X

kell2116 Mon 18-Mar-19 13:21:48

Hi OP I haven't been through this but didn't want to read and run:

I'm really sorry to hear about your CP last month and very happy for you that you've got a BFP again so soon after. I would say that given your experience last month your best bet would be to get in to see your doc as soon as you can. Until then I guess all you can do is keep testing to make sure the line's getting darker? I've got everything crossed for you that this is a sticky one! Take care of yourself smile

splishsplashsploshsplishsplash Mon 18-Mar-19 10:39:23


I’m not sure anyone can help me with this really (and I hope this is the right place to post this) but I’m not sure whether to put faith in my BFP or not! I had a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks on 18th February (I’d found out I was pregnant less than a week before). My Dr said to do a test a week after to see if was getting fainter as I was too early for a scan. I did this and over the course of the week (I couldn’t wait a whole week) it got fainter and then disappeared altogether, as expected.

This morning I tested as I was due on my period tomorrow and I got a very clear positive on a FRER. I’m guessing that this means that I am now pregnant but I can’t sit still panicking as I’m not really sure whether to believe it or not. I mean, last month’s tests did disappear to nothing and we carried on trying again as normal.

I’m annoyed with myself as I got way ahead of myself last month and filled out the self-referral for midwife/scans online and I had the letters through the post within a week with my booking in date and 12 week scan so I’ve had to ring up and cancel them. I’m going to wait this time a couple of weeks.

Is it worth seeing my Dr and perhaps they’ll run blood tests to monitor HCG levels? I’m not really sure. I can’t get an appointment until next Thursday anyway so at least that’s a chance for the levels to build up.

I’m sorry, I’m rambling but just wondering if anyone else has been through this and did you see Dr or just wait a few weeks and then refer/book appointments? Thank you!

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