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To test or not to test? Please someone tell me no!

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LouH1981 Sat 16-Mar-19 14:27:49

Hi all, so am 37, TTC number 2 over 12 months now. Had a m/c last year.
So, am roughly 8/9 dpo and we did all the right things this month 😉
Yesterday I had a tiny bit of brown discharge when I wiped (not unusual) and quite a lot of white cm over last few days. However, lots of cramping and back ache at work yesterday which took me by surprise and is unusual so early.

I had an ic hcg test left over from when they were sent out for free with some opks. I asked my husband to hide it because I know how obsessed/upset I get and I knew if I wanted to test early then I would have to go out and buy a test and I don’t like doing that unless I’m late.
Anyway, turns out he’s a terrible hider and have found the test.
Do I use it?
Every time I test early, it is bfn and AF always arrives. So I’d be tempting fate.’s there and I have awful self control. And I am desperate to be pregnant. I feel a bit pregnant but then your mind can play a lot of tricks.
Please someone tell me I would be wasting my time and talk me out of this terrible idea! xxx

Bambamber Sat 16-Mar-19 14:50:39

Don't do it!

If by chance it was an implantation bleed yeaterday, the test would likely still be negative anyway. You will get no reassurance testing this early.

CalamityJune Sat 16-Mar-19 14:53:46

Don't do it! My earliest bfp was 11dpo and even that was a squinter.

Do something useful- clean the oven or empty a drawer!

LouH1981 Sat 16-Mar-19 15:08:31

Yes! Exactly @CalamityJune and @Bambamber
The voices of reason!
All of that makes a lot of sense.
Am vacuuming the stairs instead #rocknroll
It’s just so tempting 😩
Thank you ladies xxx

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