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No AF, No BFP...

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coralgrey Sat 16-Mar-19 10:42:41

Hi guys,
I know I can't do anything but wait... but I just feel like I need to talk to people that can relate!
I'm 31, have had periods since I was 12; have never once been late!
AF was due yesterday; nothing. Still no sign today, not one cramp etc.
Took a hpt this morning (1 day late) but BFN.

This was our first month TTC #1.
The only 'strange' things I've experienced for the past 2 weeks have been extreme fatigue, and dry mouth/really thirsty. Both very unusual for me.

How annoying is this waiting game?! Sigh. smile

Jamct23 Sun 17-Mar-19 16:26:05

Hi coralgrey!! Same here due today but iv had a BFN. Gutted sad x

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