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OPK long positive and double dip

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Poirotspen Sat 16-Mar-19 08:03:53

I've only been using OPK for the last 4 months and had a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks in month 2, which screwed up that cycle and the next. I thought I was back to normal (this cycle 4).

Had a run of very nearly positives for 3 days (unusual for me, I previously went from faint line to positive and back in 24 hours). Then ovulated Thurs/Fri - had EWCM and a little pain. That would be day 16 which is about right (fairly regular).

The OPK dropped a little (still a strong line) on Friday but now it's back to stronger than ever today. I have what feels like period pain (very dull), I'm cross and moody. No obvious CM.

Any ideas what's happening? Why would a second surge happen?

Sorry, I promised I wouldn't be this woman obsessing and worrying but I'm nearly 39 trying for a first and got sucked in.....

flowers for any thoughts

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