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Driving myself mad!

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MaryH90 Sat 16-Mar-19 01:06:41

Just wanted to sound off really and read similar stories from others. I came off the pill at Xmas but have been using condoms with my DH since then. We DTD unprotected (unplanned) once during my fertile period (now 12dpo). Since then I’ve been having symptoms that are reminding me of when I was pregnant with my DD, lots of cramps, tiredness, loss of appetite. The cramps the last two days have been bad enough for me to think I’m coming on but nothing is happening. I have long cycles so Ovia app says I have another two days to wait which will take me to cd35. I tested with a FRER the day before yesterday and got a bfn. I know that the common advice would be to wait a bit longer and test again but I’m concerned that I’m on medication that can increase the risks of MC and birth defects and I’m panicking. Any stories of BFPs or BFNs in this situation would be good!

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