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Ready to scream!!

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HellooooJenny Fri 15-Mar-19 18:54:59

Hi. 10dpo here. Ready to flip a table cause I had a vvvfl 8dpo and have tested every day since and I’m getting a mix of negatives and very faint lines on various tests of the same hcg level (20). Does this sound like a chemical or am I just testing too early?

I’m sick of this bloody ttc game 😣

Michellebops Fri 15-Mar-19 19:53:12

Stop testing so early! Honestly it's a total nightmare and crushing disappointment as you stare and stare.

By the way this advice is as much for me as you as I think I did 5 in one day last month 🙄

Rosie2531 Fri 15-Mar-19 20:16:45

I keep having faint lines and negatives too! Crushing disappointment as @Michellebops has said above. Stop testing and try to focus on other things for a week or two smile

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