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where do you get clomid?

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westerngirl Mon 09-Jul-07 20:31:36

Could someone please tell me how you go about being put on clomid. Do you go to the gp or fertility consultant?

Also, is there any monitoring (e.g. bloods tests) while on it.


minxi Mon 09-Jul-07 20:44:41

I am ttc #3 and was on depo for about a year, have now been off depo for 2 years 7 months only been the last year that I have had regular periods which is good!

I had cd21 test last November which was fine, in February gp then referred me to consultant who amazingly I saw on the nhs 3 weeks later he prescribed 6 months clomid straightaway, I saw him again when on 3rd cycle which seems to now be running to a 27/28 day cycle... I am now on my 4th month of clomid - not feeling too hopeful, back to consultant again in September and then he has already given me forms to have a lap and dye so when I want to do that I can too to check tubes aren't blocked etc... Hope that helps....I was very lucky to be seen so quick though...

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