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Super short LH surge and ovulation on same day?

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catlikefi Thu 14-Mar-19 16:16:55

I've read somewhere that as you get older your LH surge can happen on the same day as ovulation. I got a positive opk this morning around 9am. I've been waiting for one all week as have had loads of fertile CM for past few days.
I know my surge is short and I only ever get a positive on one day (last month I would have missed it completely if I hadn't been testing twice a day). But I did another opk today a couple of hours later (the bottom one in the photo) and it was back to negative!
Does this mean I just happened to catch the tail end of my surge this morning? Will BD tonight be too late??? DH has been away for two nights so last BD was on the 13th.
I'll be so sad if we've missed out on our best chance this month....ttc #2 and as I'm turning 41 in 8 weeks I feel like it's just going to get more difficult.

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