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Is this positive?

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babbaganoush Thu 14-Mar-19 15:54:02

Is this pregnancy test positive? I dipped it rather than holding midstream and the line came up within the time but the lines seem too far apart?! It's a £1 Freedom test if that makes any difference.

TheFatberg Thu 14-Mar-19 16:03:01

I don't know if I can see a line, I can see a splash of the dye though.

emmagrace96 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:04:42

Makes no difference how expensive the test is. I can maybe see a slight line. I'd retest with first morning urine x

babbaganoush Thu 14-Mar-19 16:10:32

So this isn't a second line?

tobeornottobe1 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:14:15

@babbaganoush where you have marked out is not the 2nd line, that is where the test window ends to join onto the rest of the stick , the 2nd line is much more closer to the control line x

babbaganoush Thu 14-Mar-19 16:19:03

@tobeornottobe1 thanks...that's what I thought too but I sent a photo to my sister who said it was 100% positive and that was the second line. I have also taken a FRER which was definitely negative.

tobeornottobe1 Thu 14-Mar-19 18:25:55

@babbaganoush when are you due on? Maybe try the FRER in the morning x

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