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Could these be very very early pregnancy symptoms?

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courtgou Thu 14-Mar-19 13:23:07

Please tell me if I’m just being stupid.

We have been ttc since November with not much luck, no worries it’s not been that long, but this month I just feel different, like I feel like I am pregnant. I know it’s too soon to tell but I’m going out of my mind googling things and the wait before I can test will drive me crazy if I don’t get some opinions or at the very least have written it down instead of it bouncing round my head all day.

I have very irregular cycles and use several different apps and all apps estimate my fertile period at different times which I expect tbh as they aren’t accurate and my irregular cycles obvs messing it up a bit, they’re saying any time between the 3rd and the 16th. This cycle started on the 27th (I think), so I’m currently on CD15, and I started tracking ovulation with OPKs on the 7th, CD9, and haven’t had a positive yet. I’ve had a few faint lines but they may have been evaporation likes and from my understanding anything but a clear line is a negative. But anyway...

I’ve started to get symptoms that a lot of people (and google) are saying could be early signs, the main ones are;

The last 3 days I’ve been soo tired, I’m scared to close my eyes as I’m pretty sure I’ll just fall asleep instantly 😂 but I’ve been getting more sleep than I usually would and sleeping fine at night.

I have symptoms like the start of a cold. Usually when I get a cold they’re terrible, I’ve never had a mild cold, and I might have one day before where I think Oh shit I think I’m getting a cold but usually they come on fast and Within 12 hours I’ve gone from fine to the worse kind of cold. Monday morning I woke up feeling a bit naff and like I was going to end up really ill by the end of the day but it didn’t get any worse than that and I just have a sniffly nose, sneezy, and a slight headache that comes and goes.

I’ve been feeling quite lightheaded and dizzy on and off the last week.

My mouth tastes disgusting, I keep drinking as as soon as I stop the taste in my mouth is awful. I thought maybe it was the drink but it happens whatever i drink.

I have totally lost my libido. Tuesday night for example we was doing it and I just thought what am I doing, I’m not in this at all. I’ve been told this can happen when you first get pregnant as it’s your body’s way of saying okay the deed it done you can chill out a bit now.

I am soooo hungry. I just feel like I can’t stop eating 😂 Yesterday 2 minutes after lunch, despite having a decent breakfast, 2 snacks and a large lunch, I was hungry again.

my hands and feet are soooo cold. I’m not that cold, maybe a bit chilly, but my toes feel frozen. That might just be because my house is cold though

What’s the likelihood of me actually being pregnant and these being symptoms of that? Especially this soon into my cycle when I’m not have a positive ovulation test yet. Be as honest as you can, I need to hear it.

Michellebops Thu 14-Mar-19 15:05:18

I'm going to be honest with you as I have all of those symptoms and more and I just finished my period.

I was convinced this month was it and was devastated when af came.

I'm also now on antibiotics for potential glandular fever so my "symptoms" were somewhat a bit more serious.

I really hope for you that I'm wrong and you get your bfp but I know how devastating it is.

Good luck ❤️

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