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Positive test. Freaking out

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Aph413 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:02:53

Middle of the day, period due tomorrow. This is a good strong positive right? I've attached a test from a previous miscarriage that never got darker even 7 days late. I'm so nervous. Current one is on the wood.

rumptifizzer Thu 14-Mar-19 11:15:35

It looks positive to me. Why are you freaking out?

Aph413 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:19:59

I've been trying for 18 months and had a miscarriage last May. It just doesn't feel real.

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Thu 14-Mar-19 11:21:20

Yes that looks like a good positive to me, you're not past your missed period yet and it's a solid line. In a few days you will see the test line as dark as the control line.

AndItStillSaidFourOfTwo Thu 14-Mar-19 11:24:22

I understand that. Before my last baby I had three consecutive miscarriages (of a total of 6) then a year of not conceiving. I had every rational reason to suppose it wouldn't a) happen in the first place and b) continue. She'll be four this autumn.

One day at a time flowers

MATTSMAMMA Thu 14-Mar-19 11:25:53

That looks like a lovely line smile especially before period is due. Congratulations flowersgrin

MayFayner Thu 14-Mar-19 11:28:02

Congratulations! 😊

Bigonesmallone3 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:31:24

That's a very positive test smile
All the best

Aph413 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:40:05

Thank you all. Just trying to relax and get my head around it.

EverythingNow Thu 14-Mar-19 15:36:10

Congratulations! I had similar with a loss last April then a BFP in November after 19m of ttc. I'm now nearly 20wks. So pleased for you x

Aph413 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:39:22

Congratulations to you @EverythingNow did you manage to relax after your bfp? I'm in full blown panic right now. Not sure when it will subside, this is so surreal.

EverythingNow Thu 14-Mar-19 17:45:07

@Aph413 not until my 8wk scan (private) and then increments of feeling less anxious until 12wks. I'm ok now I feel it moving but still have moments.

I literally tortured/reassured myself by testing every day until about 7wks blush but like you I had much stronger bfp this time.

Aph413 Thu 14-Mar-19 17:54:48

@EverythingNow thank you. I think we're going to go for a private scan too, anything for reassurance. I did make my DH hide the pregnancy tests though.

ScarletBitch Thu 14-Mar-19 17:59:26

Aww Congratulations! Just relax, look after yourself. thanks

Aph413 Fri 15-Mar-19 21:52:30

Test line is darker than the control now. I think I'm starting to believe it could be real. Excuse me taking photos in my pantry. The lighting is fantastic in there

Bigonesmallone3 Fri 15-Mar-19 22:02:28

Believe it love thanks

Poppymailaw Fri 15-Mar-19 22:45:42

Wow! Congratulations! Just keep calm and relax and get on folic acid asap! grin

Catren Sat 16-Mar-19 04:59:48

Massive congratulations, that's so positive! Book yourself in for an early scan to reassure yourself, and best of luck with your pregnancy 💐

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