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Addicted to pregnancy tests!! Help!!

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Jamct23 Thu 14-Mar-19 08:07:43

So this is our first month trying..Last period was 17/02 we said at the start “if it happens it happens” I honestly planned to just be relaxed about but From the second I finished my period I have been nothing but let’s say OBSESSED. 4 days till next period is due and I have been using cheap internet tests everyday for the passed week. Tuesday night I couldn’t find them. I’d literally put them in the cupboard and forgot well all hell broke loose and I had the house up just so I could wee on a stick that I knew was going to be negative blush It’s like I’m addicted haha! Why am I so obsessed? I could swear blind I’m pregnant I’m overthinking everything little symptom. I feel so silly as it’s literally the 1st month trying. Any one else get this this? X

Elmo230885 Thu 14-Mar-19 08:15:47

Oh lordy yes, you know its too soon but can't help yourself. I did the same. Just stick to the cheap ones so you don't get mad at yourself for wasting money! You'll look back and know it was silly but it doesn't matter! ( we were very lucky. pregnant in around 6 weeks of having the implant out first time round, currently 32 weeks with number 2 pregnant in about 10 weeks after implant was removed so didn't go through mountains of tests!)
Good luck x

Jamct23 Thu 14-Mar-19 08:22:26

Oh Elmo I feel like a crazy person but I can’t help it haha. Fab news! Congratulations. Hope we are as lucky as you x

wannabebump Thu 14-Mar-19 10:18:57

@Jamct23 hello fellow POAS addict 😁

Unable to offer any support whatsoever... currently in the TWW, obsessing like a mad woman... confused

Nice to know someone is in the same boat as me lol xx

Jamct23 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:16:04

Hi @wannabebump Phew! Thank goodness it’s not only me. I’m going through internet cheapies like they are going out of fashion hmm I just can’t help. Currently obsessing over symptom and the google searches are endless. When is your AF due? Xx

WhenZogateSuperworm Thu 14-Mar-19 11:19:42

I know you are excited but you really should try and rein it in a little if you can. TTC can take a long time and your in for a huge emotional rollercoaster if you are like this every month.

I would suggest that you only rest from 10dpo and then limit yourself to every other day.

WhenZogateSuperworm Thu 14-Mar-19 11:19:51

*test not rest

Jamct23 Thu 14-Mar-19 11:22:12

Hi @whenzogatesuperwoman thanks for the advice I am definitely over obsessing I was never like this with my first. It’s a strange on it’s like I know the rest will negative but I just give it ago anyway. blush xx

wannabebump Thu 14-Mar-19 13:10:28

@Jamct23 very normal to have the initial omg we're trying to conceive does calm down a bit though! My advice would be try and keep busy 🙂

AF due Tues 19th/Wed 20th so about 7/8 DPO at the moment. Symptom spotting like crazy has commenced... pinching/cramps in Tuesday and today my boobs are killing me. Usually only my nipples on the run up to AF so actually have a little hope this month 🤞🏻 xx

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