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+OPK and brownish discharge??

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Gothqueen Wed 13-Mar-19 21:17:27

Hi, so my DH and I are on cycle 7 of ttc which has included a MC @ 7 weeks and some other medical intervention. I've been tracking ovulation this month and got a +OPK this morning. We have been dtd very regularly to give us as much chance as possible but today I have noticed some brownish discharge (sorry if tmi) but I'm concerned what it could be?? Has anyone else had this?

Mycatwontstopstaring Thu 14-Mar-19 12:02:11

Ok so brown discharge is old blood, red/pink would be fresh. There’s a few different reasons it could be there but as it is mid cycle, old blood shouldn’t ideally be hanging around. I suggest you ask a fertility specialist to check you over. Your GP might be willing to refer you but quicker and easier would be to call a private clinic and pay for a consultation.

Off the top of my head it could be a bit of something left from the miscarriage, or a bit of old womb tissue that didn’t pass properly at the end of your cycle, or even something in there got scratched and now the ‘scab’ is coming off. Not much point me guessing. With me, it turned out that my brown discharge mid cycle meant that I had grown a bunch of uterine polyps. A private consultant identified them straight away with his posh colour scanner (after the NHS missed them for 2 yrs 😐 and kept wrongly telling me I was fine). I needed some minor surgery to remove them.

Michellebops Thu 14-Mar-19 13:08:19

Brownish tissue is likely to be old tissue from the miscarriage.

I had it every time we dtd for weeks after my mmc.

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