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Implantation pain? Please help!!

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TTCLaura123 Wed 13-Mar-19 18:21:58

Hi everyone I'm a long time viewer of mumsnet ttc boards so thought I would actually make an account!!
Yesterday I was 8dpo and in the evening, I experienced some mild random stabbing pains on the left lower side of my abdomen. They started when I was in the bath and went on intermittently for the next few hours. I also got 2 random mild stabbing pains in my left boob (about an hour or so apart). The sharp pain in my lower abdomen felt like trapped wind but I didn't have any!! I got these mild pains every 20(ish) mintutes. Haven't had any today. Any ideas? Could this be implantation or am I just looking in to it too much? It's so hard when you're desperate for that BFP!!!!!

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