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GoldenBlue Wed 13-Mar-19 17:36:06

A very low carb diet is supposed to help when ttc with pcos. I think the is a correlation with insulin resistance and pcos so lowering carbs helps sort out blood sugars making it more likely to conceive.

There was a tiny study on it, but the numbers involved were very small so more anecdotal than fact

BlingLoving Wed 13-Mar-19 17:28:29

The good news is that with PCOS, if that is the only problem, you've got a good chance on the clomid once you get it. Pregnant with DC1 on second cycle. And DC2 happened naturally (was a complete surprise as I was still very irregular!). Hilariously, I'm now extremely regular and suspect if I wanted a third I'd have no problem getting pregnant. Sigh.

cherrylo86 Wed 13-Mar-19 17:22:31

Thank you both. No extra cash for private treatment unfortunately but would consider this further down the line if still having no joy. I know it’s still relatively early days of ttc but frustrating at the same time that things aren’t just regular. Referral to appointments have all been quick to be fair. Got another scan on 26th March and next gynae appt in early April so not massive waiting times just hope my AF arrives in the meantime but not hopeful!

MilkItTilITurnItIntoCheese Wed 13-Mar-19 16:00:35

I was diagnosed with pcos many years back when periods were absent. I didn’t really have other symptoms. Had further tests on nhs to make sure tubes were clear and dh sperm ok, then had ovarian diathermy to stimulate ovaries which only sort of worked. I then had clomid and regular scans to confirm ovulation. I had just been out on waiting list for iui when I took my last month of clomid, went on holiday and cake back pregnant. Although it was really hard at the time I look back now and feel it was dealt with efficiently and reasonably quickly by the nhs. I fell pregnant with 2nd child naturally and eventually had a third without drugs too. The extra tests before clomid I feel are worthwhile because the eliminate the possibility of other issues as well as the pcos. I was devastated when originally diagnosed and convinced I would never have children but I did. Hang in there. Think positive.

BlingLoving Wed 13-Mar-19 15:53:54

Is this all being done via the NHS. If you can find the money, consider going private. You can take the test results you have from the NHS with you so they shouldn't have to run those again. This will allow you to move on much more quickly with getting clomid (which you'll have to buy but costs less than a tenner). The NHS will want to go through 5000 tests before they even try Clomid (I can't work out why - with a confirmed PCOS diagnosis and a cheap drug solution, why not give that a go and if nothing happens THEN continue investigating).

You'd have to pay for the consultant's time and maybe a couple of blood tests and probably a scan. But really, it's a very low cost in the bigger scheme of things and, assuming PCOS is your only problem, you've got a pretty good shot at getting pregnant with Clomid relatively quickly - ie within three months.

cherrylo86 Wed 13-Mar-19 15:50:43

Any positive BFP stories to keep me going as feeling really down atm.

Recently diagnosed with PCOS sad Confirmed on scan and blood markers. Have a variety of other symptoms too, weight gain, hairy face, hormonal acne basically feel like crap about the whole thing and TTC is not getting anywhere (only since Sep 18 but only had 2 periods).

Saw fertility consultant a few weeks ago and he sent me for bloods that day as I was about 28 days into my cycle, he wanted to see if I had ovulated. Not heard back on this actually so perhaps I should chase? Got to have 21 day bloods on my next cycle whenever that may be. Last one was 67 days and I am only on day 37 now so probably another long wait! sad It just sucks and all I can think about is having a baby. DH has his SA test on Friday so that's something to go on in the meantime I suppose and fingers crossed its all fine on his side.

I am trying my best to lose weight, eat right, take folic acid, take inositol, exercise etc etc. Any other tips???

Also consultant said to start OPK's when I am about 10 days into my next cycle but I have seen on here that there is not much point if have PCOS?

Just needed to write all that down!

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