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First time ttc obsessed!!!

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Veevee457 Tue 12-Mar-19 17:22:43

Hi ladies,

I'm a mn lurker who has now recently moved over to the conception boards in earnest!!

I'm 31, ttc for first time and currently waiting for either AF or a BFP any day now (expecting AF as really only decided to officially try last cycle and I just guessed my fertile times).

So now in preparation for my next cycle I feel like I'm maybe getting a bit too obsessed too soon 🙊

I've already searched loads of threads on this for tips on how to calm down but I think I'm a bit of a competitive (with myself more so!) person and feel determined to be successful early on.

So far I'm taking pre conception vitamins, I've already ordered OPK's and considering buying preseed too as heard good things about that. Tried temping last month just to get a feel for my cycles but couldn't really get the hang of it (always up to pee not long before waking up etc).

Sooo, any advice or do I just need to calm the heck down?!!

CZFR Wed 13-Mar-19 11:39:12

Hey! Not sure I can help but I was the same!! So I guess you are not the only crazy TTC woman out there 😂

I used natural cycles to take my BBT and got an alarm at 6am everyday so it would wake me up every day before I would naturally or would need to. Was annoying in the weekend but once I did my temp I just went back to sleep. I also got OPK and preseed.

I did got pregnant after one cycle so I never actually needed to use the preseed... So I wouldnt recommend it personally. My usual durex lubicant was fine to use clearly!!

BBT for me worked really well - but dont think it it does for everyone. The OPK were useful as it helped the app to work out my ovulation so would recommend to at least try both.

So people check their cervix/vaginal discharge. Didnt work for me tbh but might to for you?

Some people might say you need to chill but we are all different... it helped me feeling a bit more in control. As long as it does get out of control I think it is fine. 🤞 for you.

Veevee457 Wed 13-Mar-19 18:08:20

Thanks @CZFR. And congrats to you - one cycle, you're living the dream there grin

It's good to know that I'm not alone in getting a bit hyped up in all this!

I might try give temping another go in next cycle. I do get ewcm around the time that I should be ovulating but I think I read somewhere that that's not a definite that you have actually ovulated?? Ugh confusing!

CZFR Wed 13-Mar-19 18:19:43

Thank you, I was lucky.

Yeah I got quite confused trying to understand what it meant for me so I just stopped. Think because everyone is different it may take a while. For me BBT was much easier because my temp step were very clear. I guess it is good to try a few things and just figure out what works for you!

Good luck!!! Xx

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