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How long after methotrexate did you TTC again?

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undomesticgodde55 Tue 12-Mar-19 08:42:31

Just that really. After a PUL in December Resulting in a methotrexate shot I have been told to wait three months before TTC again. We are just coming up to three months now, and I'm ovulating the week before we are officially 3 months so it's gonna be more like 4 months when we try again. From what I have read some ladies are told to wait a month, others wait 2 periods, other up to 6 months...... it appears that methotrexate is out of your system in a few weeks however the hospital like to be on the safe side - I don't mind this at all BTW as I would rather a healthy pregnancy than risk a similar experience to what I had in December. Just wondering if anyone TTC earlier than three months really

mussie Tue 12-Mar-19 08:55:59

I had the methotrexate a few weeks ago, for a PUL as well. They told me 12 weeks from the date of the shot. My understanding is that this is to give your body time to rebuild folic acid stores, as the methotrexate leaves you with very low levels. So if you TTC right away, you risk spina bifida and cleft palate and so on. However (and this is speculation on my part) most people get pregnant without having taken folic acid supplements beforehand like they're meant to, and it's fine. Surely about 8 weeks of folic acid would get you back to 'normal' levels, and then the extra time is to get you up to 'recommended' level.

I was told to start taking folic acid again a week after the shot. Is that what you were told? If so, and you've been taking folic acid since December, I think if I were you I would just go for the ovulation that's a week early. I doubt a week would make a huge difference to your folic acid levels, and waiting a whole cycle for the sake of a week seems really tough. but of course if you want to be extra cautious about spina bifida/cleft palate, then of course just wait. is a really helpful website to look at, they have so much info.

undomesticgodde55 Tue 12-Mar-19 09:11:32

@mussie sorry to hear about your recent PUL, it's really does suck.

Yea that's my understanding too, from everything I have read it's all guess work as nobody really knows how long it takes for it to no longer be a risk, I have been taking folic acid since December, I'll ovulate (well predicted with an ap) on my 11th week so I'm of the same mindset as you not wanting to wait another cycle for the sake of a week - but I'm so worried of complications so on the other hand what's a month to not jinx anything.

To be fair the wait hasn't been as bad as I imagined when it happened, we have both kept really busy and I've been doing extra overtime at work to save for a few nice extras when we do manage to have a healthy pregnancy. I hope it goes quickly for you too, I think three months is a good time to let yourself recover if nothing else.

mussie Tue 12-Mar-19 09:58:57

@undomesticgodde55 I know, it's all very vague. It seems unbelievable to me that it's not something that has been studied, so that we know for sure!

If you really wanted, I'm sure you could ask the GP for a folate check, so that you'd know for sure. They might be sympathetic and do one for you?

I hope it does go as fast as you say! It's actually being whiled away with still being 'pregnant' - my hCG is taking forever to drop. Was 385 on the day of the methotrexate, and 75 just now. Hopefully only another week or two to go. So by the time in discharged from the EPU, I'll only have about 8 weeks to go! How high did your hCG get, and how long did it take to drop?

I'm trying to keep busy, but I'm mostly just doing a lot of comfort eating which is not a good coping mechanism! So I'm working on that. But I guess I'll have plenty of time to lose the weight over the next 9 weeks 😂 I'm using Natural Cycles (which i can very much recommend!) so I'm hoping to get a good look at when I actually ovulate - my BBT dropped below baseline for the first time about a week ago, so if my follicular phase stays the same I should ovulate in about 2 weeks. And then if my cycles are normal after that, I'm due to ovulate a few days after the 12 week mark 😂 so hopefully that's right!

Hopefully there'll be someone else along with some more advice for you. Well done on getting to the end of the wait though x

undomesticgodde55 Tue 12-Mar-19 18:48:01

It took about a week or 2 for mine to drop, the full story is here to save me writing everything out again lol (lazy!)

Pregnancy of unknown location/raising HCG treatment

I joined a gym when I found out - decided to get in shape while waiting (which didn't happen because I remembered how much I hate the gym!) I've been a few times but I'm no healthier than I was to start with lol. Just focus on what you enjoy, go out with your partner have a drink etc. Go away for the weekend if you can. It's tough waiting but if you keep busy it soon passes smile

Sleepyhead11 Tue 12-Mar-19 20:43:54

was taking long term for autoimmune disorder and they told me a year, however that is for v longterm usage .

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