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The heart break of ttc

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holzyb20 Mon 11-Mar-19 19:31:08

This month has completely broken me! After trying for over 2.5 years I believed this would be our month. I am 3 days late I have managed to get my cycles bang on 28 days and have been for the last 8 months! I have had really light cramps for the last 3/4 days thought it was AF coming (no sign) although I don't normally get cramps until a few hours after AF starts. Done a FRER today and got a BFN!!! I have no other symptoms no usual AF symptoms but no pregnancy symptoms either apart from a random stuffy nose. I suffer with PCOS and really starting to hate it now 😭💔

Attached a picture of my crappy BFN just for kicks! 🙄😢😭

BFPhopeful2019 Mon 11-Mar-19 19:49:00

I’m so sorry that you’re struggling. It’s so hard ttc. I hate seeing the blank’s to the point that I monitor every twinge, all month and test even when I know I’m not pregnant.

Maybe it’s worth another trip to your GP and explaining the situation. Sending lots of love and hugs.

wagtail1 Mon 11-Mar-19 20:45:19

I feel your pain.. been trying a year now i knew it would be hard on account of my age (38) and my boyf in army..keep ploughing away, wish i had more Helpful advice for you xx

Tchelsea Tue 12-Mar-19 15:17:14

I'm so sorry you're feeling this way... It's utterly soul destroying sometimes and I think it really is one of the loneliest things to go through! Even with your partner, they aren't actually going through the feeling of symptoms, your hopes rising, buying the test, feeling giddy, and then POAS and seeing that white stark blank window and knowing you have to wait for another month to find out if your body will be kind to you this month.

Its horrific, but we're all in the same boat in here so you can always rant and cry to us!

cakesandphotos Tue 12-Mar-19 17:18:48

I’m sorry OP flowers it took me 18 months so not as long as you but I found I really couldn’t handle negative tests so I just stopped testing. When I got my BFP I only tested because I had symptoms I had never had before as well as being 3 days late. Have you seen a fertility specialist? 2 and a half years is a really long time

workinprogressmum Tue 12-Mar-19 17:42:21

So sorry sad it's hard isn't it? Have you been to your GP / had any testing? Good luck for the future

holzyb20 Thu 14-Mar-19 09:51:10

Thank you for all your messages was really having a bad day. Yes I was diagnosed with pcos I tried on my own for a year n half was then diagnosed with pcos, I read up about it in detail and tried to take the natural approach but still nothing we are now using clomid. X

wagtail1 Wed 20-Mar-19 11:23:37

Ive heard of Clomid what exactly is it and how does it work?? Is it an over the counter thing? x

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