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TTC - 2nd Month - Neg Preg Test / Period / Lower back Pain

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Busybird123 Mon 11-Mar-19 16:40:23

Hi Guys, So I'm 33 years old and my hubby (35) and I have been TTC our first since January this year. I have regular 28 day cycles like clockwork. I have noticed since the first month of trying in January my cramps have changed in that i noticed cramps started about a week before AF arrived. This month the same but since last monday my lower back is in bits, i have never had ache like this before I am so tired and just don't feel right. I done a test 4 days before AF was due and that was neg . I thought i had a kidney infection and went to the dr today ,urine was clear, no infections, and also tested neg for pregnancy . AF arrived Friday but feels abit lighter than usual. I'm driving myself mad !! - I am thinking is it too early to detect pregnancy, or if i am not pregnant , im wondering should i start using Ovulation tests going forward. I am listening to my body and noticed cervical mucus on the dates my app predicts ovulation date, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you , And another question , as I have never been pregnant before, does your mind and body start playing tricks with you once you decide your going to TTC ?!

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