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Could this be pregnancy??

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HotFudge87 Mon 11-Mar-19 11:58:57


I use natural cycles app as my ‘form of contraception’ and have successfully used it for over a year. My cycle is pretty regular and I’ve had no issues. This month when testing for ovulation I failed to get a positive test - the lines were getting darker but never had a strong enough line for it to be positive. I should have ovulated roughly last Tuesday. Today I have swollen breasts and a very light (barely there) light brown discharge. Could this be pregnancy related or something else? I have recently had what the doctor thinks was a virus (unable to pinpoint source - felt lathargic, headaches and generally out of it) and I did a pregnancy test last week to confirm I’m not pregnant, but obviously I’m over half way thru a new cycle now!

Thanks in advance!

upsideyerelephant Mon 11-Mar-19 12:55:03

Do you want to be pregnant? If not, morning after pill?

Otherwise you need to wait until your period is actually due in order to get an accurate answer. Some tests will work 6 days prior to your period but they are less reliable at that point- unless they're positive, false positives are almost unheard of.

HotFudge87 Mon 11-Mar-19 21:27:44

It’s not the best timing but not the end of the world if I am. Just wondering if it’s a possibility with the symptoms. I had no symptoms of pregnancy at all with DD so just curious!

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