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Could I be pregnant?

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saffirex Mon 11-Mar-19 11:51:53

I’m really new to this but I’m going out of my mind here.

My periods are normally the same every month, I’m either on between the 24-28th with out fail. But on the 6-9th I bled which seemed to be like a period, long story short but me and my partner had unprotected sex and yes he did cum inside me (sorry for vulgar language). A week or so after I spotted for a day, really light blood. I am now around 2 weeks late and have been feeling sick, suffering with acid reflux worse than ever, mood swings, fatigued. I have took like 4/5 tests and they all seem to me as negative. I’m just wanting to know could I be pregnant? Or is it just a missed cycle this month. So confused, has anyone else been in the same position or got a bfp late or HCG just not showing up?

Any help would be appreciated!!

Karigan195 Mon 11-Mar-19 11:58:42

Well yes. After being stuck in limbo for about 3/4 weeks I paid for a private scan to find I had been pregnant but it was a missed miscarriage from very early on and hcg never got high enough to register. I properly miscarried about 8/9 days later.

Yours could however be a missed cycle or something entirely different. I think you need to go see the dr and ask for a blood test.

ILoveMaxiBondi Mon 11-Mar-19 12:01:27

So you had a period on 24-28 of January then another period type bleeding on 6-9th of February?

When was the unprotected sex and the spotting?

saffirex Mon 11-Mar-19 12:12:03

Yes so I had my normal period on the 24th of January then on the 6th until the 9th of February I had this bleeding which seemed to be a period but seems way too Earl to start another one, during those dates I had unprotected sex twice. The spotting started around the 17th. I’ll try and get an appt with my GP.

Bonsai12345 Mon 11-Mar-19 12:38:42

We had our little girl in 2015 since then I have been on no contraception and nothing has happened. My partner and I have separated and I rekindled with an ex recently and have a few questions, sorry for the TMI , we had sex twice one night with the pull out method and once the next night same method. My last period started on 28th Feb, it's usually the 1 of the month I've been looking up that I would be fertile the 8th and 9th and ovulate on the 12th I had sex in the 8th and 8th would the pull out have been effective ? We have spoken about it and feel we would both be happy if I was and is there anyway to increase the chances of it happening as it was a fertile window but not ovulation day ? We live far apart so it's not easy to do the obvious and have more sex .

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