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What DPD did you get your BFP?

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OhDiddums Sun 17-Mar-19 08:01:44

About 11 or 12 dpo. But I've had them as early as 9dpo.

FlapJackered Sun 17-Mar-19 08:00:05

I tested on 12dpo and got a bfn and got a faint line 13dpo.
Dpo was definitely accurate confirmed with opks and temp rise.

Lauren83 Thu 14-Mar-19 19:58:30

9dpo but faint on FRER

CZFR Wed 13-Mar-19 21:22:08

Very very faint on 11DPO, clear positive on 13DPO.

Good luck! Xx

TheInventorofToasterStreudel Tue 12-Mar-19 19:42:54

9dpo, faint on IC, clearer on Sainsbury's, v clear on CB

SpidersWilliesOnYourFrillies1 Tue 12-Mar-19 18:03:02

I'm 24dpo 2 weeks late and haven't had anything, countless negative tests, a few faints on IC and still not got af, patiently waiting grin

TillyTheTiger Tue 12-Mar-19 18:00:13

11DPO with my current pregnancy. With DS I had only just come off the pill and hadn't even had a period yet so I was about 6 weeks before I tested and realised I was pregnant -that was loads better because it felt like the first trimester flew by, and I didn't have to endure the two week wait.

butterflykiss00 Tue 12-Mar-19 17:57:27

9 dpo.

MrsRLM Mon 11-Mar-19 11:08:36

Just wondering at which DPO did everyone get their BFP?

I'm 9 DPO at the moment and trying to hold out POAS until at least 12 DPO.

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